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Rating Evaluation Meeting of Golden Laser Service Engineers in 2019

Date: 2019-01-15

In order to improve user experience, provide good service and solve the problems in machine training, development and production timely and effectively, Golden laser has held a two-day rating evaluation meeting of the after sales service engineers in the first working day of 2019. The meeting is not only to create value for the users, but also to select talents and make career development plans for the young engineers.


The meeting was held in the form of a symposium, each engineer had a summary of his own work, and the leader of each department had a comprehensive consideration of every engineer. During the meeting, each engineer and each leader actively exchanged their work experience, the leader expressed their affirmation of each engineer, also pointed out the inadequacies that need to be improved. And they also provided valuable advice for each person’ work orientation and career planning. The general manager hoped that this meeting could help the younger engineer grow faster and mature in their work, and became a compound talent with comprehensive ability.


The evaluation includes:

1. Skill level of the after sale service: mechanical, electrical, cutting process, machine operation (sheet fiber laser cutting machine, pipe laser cutting machine, 3D laser cutting/welding machine) and the learning ability;

2. Communication ability: talk with customers and colleagues effectively, report to the leaders and colleagues;

3. Work attitude: loyalty, responsibility, patience and resilience;

4. Comprehensive ability: team work and the market technical support ability;


Based on the above evaluation contents, there is another link that each engineer talked about his own specialties or the most proud things in his work, and each leader would add points to him according to the specific situation.


Through this meeting, each engineer have defined their own positioning and future direction, and their work would be more motivated. And the company leader also have deepened their understanding of the after sales service engineer. The future competition is the competition of talents. The organizational structure of the company should be flat, the personnel should be streamlined. And the company should maintain the flexibility and quick response ability. The company hopes to inject a steady stream of vitality into the company's development through the growth of young people.

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