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Golden Laser Will Show New Laser Cutter in 2019 Kaohsiung Industrial Automation Exhibition

Date: 2019-03-20

The "2019 Kaohsiung Automation Industry Exhibition", hosted by the Taiwan Economic Daily, will be held in the "Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall" for four days from March 29th to April 1st. The exhibition focuses on machine tools, smart machinery, industrial machinery, hardware components, automatic control, etc., and has hardware guild area, welding association area and hydraulic association area etc.


At this exhibition, Golden Laser will jointly exhibit the new pipe laser cutting machine with Shin Han Yi company. The new tube laser cutting machine is a precision laser cutting equipment independently developed by Golden Vtop Laser. The main features of the machine are:


1) Integrated bed makes the machine concentricity, verticality and precision better

2) Two-axis movable claws are compatible with various kind of pipe without adjusting claws

3) Clamping force optimization design avoids pipe deformation during cutting processing

4) Innovative one-way air control claw clamping technology helps extend cylinder service life

5) Visual scale adjustable support lifting device saves feeding time, ensures the concentricity and prevents pipe swinging

6) Integrated circuit is simple and neat, which makes maintenance more convenient and reduces failure rate

7) Automatic edge search function

 -Automatic center search function

 -Automatic compensation function

 -Frequency adjustable and piercing function

8) Highly damping machine bed with good rigidity, high speed and high acceleration

9) Optional automatic bundle loader saves labor and loading time and achieves mass production


Now the tube fiber laser cutting machine has been applied in metal furniture, medical device, fitness equipment, sports equipment, oil exploration, display shelf, agriculture machinery, bridge supporting, steel rail rack, steel structure,fire control, pipe processing and other industries. Welcome to our booth for more details, we will wait for your visiting.

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