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The 2019 International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair in Russia

Date: 2019-04-09

To keep on top of industry trends for the entire process chain of tubes in Russia and compare and source products & services with market companions, network with high quality expert of the industry, and save time and minimize costs marketing you product to right audience,you should attend the 2019 Tube Russia.

Exhibition time: May 14 (Tuesday) - 17 (Friday), 2019

Exhibition address: Moscow Ruby International Expo Center

Organizer: Düsseldorf International Exhibition Company, Germany

Holding period: one every two years


Tube Russia was held by Messe Düsseldorf, the Germany leading exhibition company in Düsseldorf. It is one of the largest tube brand exhibitions in the world. The Moscow Metallurgical Exhibition and Foundry Accessories Exhibition are also held.

The exhibition is held twice a year and is the only professional pipe exhibition in Russia. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open the Russian market. The exhibition is mainly aimed at the CIS countries and Eastern Europe, and is an important platform for regional economic cooperation. The exhibition has a total exhibition area of 5,545 square meters, attracting more than 400 exhibitors from all over the world in 2017. The international exhibitors are mainly from China, Germany, Australia, Italy, Austria, the United Kingdom and the United States. PetroChina also participated in the exhibition in 2017. In 2017, there were more than 400 exhibiting companies at the show. In 2019, the exhibition will be held concurrently with the Metallurgical Exhibition and the Foundry Exhibition. It is expected that the exhibition will be better.

Market outlook:

Russia has a population of 170 million and a land area of 17 million square kilometers. The market has broad prospects and the Sino-Russian relations have remained stable. In particular, on May 21, 2014, China and Russia signed a large natural gas bill of more than 400 billion US dollars. On October 13, Premier Li Keqiang visited Russia. The Sino-Russian joint communique agreed to create stable and foreseeable conditions for bilateral trade and take practical measures to promote bilateral trade volume growth. By 2015, it will reach 100 billion U.S. dollars and reach 200 billion US dollars in 2020. It is foreseeable that these economic and trade cooperation will promote official and private investment in China and Russia, especially for oil and natural gas, and generate a large number of steel pipe and pipe fittings in the fields of petrochemical, oil refining and gas transmission. At the same time, the pipe fittings production equipment will also usher in the market.

Exhibition scope:

Pipe fittings: pipe and pipe fittings manufacturing machinery, pipe processing machinery, welding machinery, tool manufacturing and in-plant transportation machines, tools, auxiliary materials, steel pipes and fittings, stainless steel pipes and fittings, non-ferrous metal pipes and fittings, other pipes ( Including concrete pipes, plastic pipes, ceramic pipes), measurement and control and testing technology, environmental protection devices; various joints, elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, flanges, elbows, caps, heads, etc.

Golden laser will attend the exhibit:

As the pipe fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, we Golden laser will participate in this exhibition and show our new type fiber laser cutting machine to the audience.

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