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Laser micro-encyclopedia l laser opens "new" chapter for construction machinery

Date: 2019-10-31

In people's impressions, heavy construction machinery is big and heavy machine, but the Belgian artist Wim Delvoye presents these heavy-duty construction machinery with elaborate and complex Gothic and Victorian patterns, visually felt felt impact is self-evident.


From dump trucks to mixing trucks, from excavators to cranes, most of these works are made by steel laser cutting, and the delicate hollow pattern adds a noble temperament to the vehicle.

In fact, the laser cutting machine began to be widely used in the construction machinery industry 10 years ago. And it is mainly for the material cutting of concrete machine, crane machine, road machine, port machine, excavator machine, fire-fighting machine, sanitation machinery and other machines.

As a leader in the laser industry's cutting, Golden Votp Laser is committed to promoting tube laser cutting machines, sheet metal laser cutting machines, and 3D robots in the industry, and provides a full range of industry-leading solutions to help companies improve production efficiency and processes level, respond quickly to market changes and enhance the competitiveness of products in an increasingly competitive market.

Fully Auto Bundle Loader Tube Laser Cutting Machine


Pipe diameter 20-220mm, pipe length 6m, automatic feeding without manual intervention

1.Machine parameters

Vtop’s tube laser cutting machine integrates numerical control technology, laser cutting and precision machinery; it can cut a variety of metal pipes such as carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and aluminum alloy pipe etc.

2. Numerical Control

New upgrade: One page for all operations, more user-friendly

Superior performance: modular structure

PC technology: With the standard PC open system, users can integrate their own PC software, such as NC programming tools, statistical programs, visualization programs, etc. on PA CNC system.

True open CNC: Based on a truly open architecture CNC (including the CNC kernel) system, users can integrate other professional technologies and proprietary software (programs written in C++) into the system in a secure and reliable manner.

High-speed machining: High-speed machines require extremely short block cycle times (PA reaches 7200 blocks/sec) and special control algorithms and communication functions. The “Adaptable Read-Ahead” function pre-processes 1000 blocks in advance in real-time conditions. And it can calculate the maximum feed rate within the programmed parameters and limits.

We are continue to improve high productivity, high precision and good surface finish quality requirements.

HMI interface: comprehensive diagnostic function, independent diagnostic interface, quickly check the on-site problem and more intelligent.

3. Cutting function

The industry's unique three-knife cutting for beveled edges

Removing the protrusion of rear end face after the beveled cutting, and it facilitates the tailor welding and reduces the later manual processing flow.

4.Integrated bed

The bed is welded with a whole plate of more than 20mm thickness, and the whole length is 8 meters. The W-axis rotary chuck, the Z-axis cutting head, the control cabinet and the operation console are reasonably integrated into the whole machine, which can better ensure the coaxiality verticality, precision of the machine. And it also facility the machine Installation and commissioning with efficiency. The structure of the whole machine is precise and compact.

Whole welded machine bed with stability

The machine is welded steel in structure with high strength and good stability.

The process is: blank welding → stress relief annealing → rough machining → vibration aging → semi-finishing → vibration aging → finishing

The stress generated by welding and machining is well solved, thereby greatly improving the  machine stability and maintaining the machine accuracy for a long time.

5.High configuration chuck

Double-acting power chuck: The chuck is optimized from the four-claw linkage chuck to two-cylinder linkage chuck by changing of gas path.

In the stroke range, it can clamp different types and diameter tube at one time without adjusting the claw, which greatly saves the clamping time.

Large stroke: increase the telescopic stroke of the common pneumatic chuck, it has been optimized to a bilateral 100mm (single side 50mm); greatly save the clamping time.

Customer case 1

The leading products of Changsha ZY Machine Co., Ltd. are mining machinery, construction engineering machinery and metallurgical special equipment. And it cooperated with Sanyi Heavy Industry and China United Heavy Industry.

Difficult analysis of product process

The folding arm adopts the reinforced steel pipe with wall thickness of 6-10mm. The 6-meter-long pipe is processed to the required pipe fittings on a laser pipe cutting machine, and assembled into telescopic arm and folding arm by the connecting fittings.

These processing tubes not only have high requirements on the strength of the material, but also have very high requirements for cutting precision. As the saying goes, "A miss is as good as a mile", the machining precision of such engineering machinery should be accurate within 0.01mm. Otherwise it will affect subsequent installations. And every joint of the folding arm type aerial work platform must ensure smooth movement, and the requirements for the arc mouth of the processing pipe are also quite accurate.

If it is processed by traditional processing methods, it will consume a lot of manpower and material resources, and the production capacity will be difficult to achieve. But, all of this is very simple and easy for the laser pipe cutting machine. The laser cutting machine not only has high processing precision, but also has high processing efficiency, which can greatly improve the process quality and productivity. It is a good choice for the production and processing of engineering machinery.

Customer case 2

The leading products of Hunan YX Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. include two series of aerial work platforms, telescopic arm type and folding arm type, with different heights of 20-40 meters.

The factory is full of steel pipes, after Golden laser’s tube laser cutting machine P2060 installed in the factory, it can cut and make holes in the tube, and make every square tube of different sizes to be the part of the crane body.

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