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Golden Vtop Laser returns to work! Welcome the spring with confidence!

Date: 2020-03-23

On March 21, 2020, with the approval of relevant departments, Golden Vtop Laser started to work, and we will working hard to promote key business projects.

As the epidemic situation improves day by day, while resuming work, Golden vtop Laser actively responds to the government's call, adheres to the guidelines for epidemic prevention and control, and tightens the string of safe production at all times. We also worked out detailed measures in-depth, and take precautionary and emergency measures in advance to create a safe environment for resumption of work.


(Ready for epidemic prevention materials)

During the special period of epidemic prevention and control, Golden vtop Laser has prepared a variety of prevention materials such as masks, alcohol disinfectant, medical gloves, 84 disinfectant, and temperature gun in advance according to the relevant requirements. With all these materials we can ensure

a clean and tidy office environment. At the same time, we have set up daily monitoring mechanisms such as temperature monitoring record points, alcohol disinfection points, and mask distribution in strict accordance with relevant requirements to ensure employee safety.


(Comprehensive disinfection of factory equipment)

For the factory area and all the laser equipment, we have carried out thorough disinfection, all accessible surfaces are completely disinfected.

Office -area-is-strictly-disinfected

(Office area is strictly disinfected)

1.How to do before entering into the factory

Before entering the factory area, consciously receive a temperature test. If the temperature is normal, you can entering into the factory and wash your hands in the bathroom first. If the temperature is over 37.2 degrees, please do not go into the factory to work. You should go home to rest and go to the hospital for treatment if necessary.

2.How to do before entering into the office

Keep the office environment clean. It is recommended to ventilate three times a day for 20 to 30 minutes each time. Keep warm when ventilating. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter from person to person, and wear a mask when many people work in the same place. Follow the "Seven-Step Method" to disinfect and wash your hands, disinfect the mobile phones, keys, and office supplies before you start work.

3.How to do when having a meeting

Wear a mask and wash your hands before entering the meeting room. The meeting personnel should be separated by more than one meter to minimize the concentration of meetings. Control meeting time. Open windows and ventilate when meeting time is too long. After the meeting, the venue furniture needs to be disinfected. Try to avoid the use of public tea set supplies, it is recommended to soak in water for disinfection after use.


(Comprehensive disinfected of public areas)

Deep cleaning and disinfection of public areas such as canteens and toilets.


(Inspect and debug the machine and equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment after resumption)

Spring has arrived, we believe that no matter how much suffering we experience, as long as we hope and work tirelessly, we will go higher and further in the new journey!

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