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China Laser Cutting Market Demand Will Reach Over 10 Billion Yuan

Date: 2018-06-14

Laser has become another major invention for humans since the 20th century after the atomic energy, computer, and semiconductor. It is called the "fastest knife," "the most accurate ruler," and "the brightest light." With the rapid development of laser manufacturing technology in the world, there is still a large gap between domestic and international advanced laser technology.

In 2018 China and global laser cutting machine market depth research report indicates that despite the rapid development of the laser industry, the high-end laser products are still occupied by multinational companies in the United States, Japan, and Germany. Domestic companies mainly focus on low-end product markets. Take the small and medium power cutting machine market as an example, China's medium and small power laser cutting equipment industry is still in its initial stage of growth. Domestic laser equipment manufacturing companies are generally small in size, there are not many laser equipment manufacturing companies with annual sales revenue exceeding 100 million yuan, the major markets are dominated by four companies Han’s Laser, Golden laser, Boye Laser, Kaitian technology.

Domestic small and medium power cutting machine manufacturers share (Unit: %)


Laser cutting machine utilizes high power density beam focused on the workpiece to achieve laser power density of 106 to 109 W/cm2 at the focal point of the spot, which can generate a local high temperature of 1000°C or higher, and instantaneous vaporization of the workpiece, then combined with the auxiliary gas to blow the vaporized metal and cut a small hole in the workpiece, with the moving of the CNC machine bed, countless holes connect to the target shape. Because the  laser cutting frequency is very high, the connection of each small hole is very smooth, and the cut product has good cleanliness. So now we will analysis the laser cutting machine market size from brand competition.

1.Differentiation of brand needs

The purpose of fiber laser cutting machine brand differentiation is to transform the product’s core advantage and individual difference into the brand, and meet the personalized needs of the target customer. A successful laser cutting machine brand owns one differentiating feature and makes it different from the other competitors, and then connects the brand's differences with the customer's psychological needs in a consistent manner. In this way, the brand positioning information is accurately conveyed to markets and occupying a favorable position in potential customers. The purpose is to create and cultivate certain characteristics for its own laser cutting machine products, and make it have a rich personality, and establish a unique market image to distinguish it from other competitors and effectively determine the product's neutral position in the customer's mind. With the increasing homogeneity of laser cutting machine companies and products, more and more similar products appeared, and the competition is more fierce; in order to make break through, companies must select their own brand positioning strategy based on actual needs, and then find the right market position for your company and products.

2. Take priority of brand quality

The reason why a laser cutting machine brand is well-known and highly praised by customers is due to its excellent quality and perfect service, and these are the foundation of the brand. Without the guarantee of excellent quality and perfect service, even the best brand will be Spit off by customers. In market, the brand perception shows whether the customer will purchased the laser cutting machine again from the same bramd or recommed it to others. Improving the product quality and service are the prerequisite for brand promotion, andiIt is directly related to whether it can become a real brand and a famous brand.

In 2016, the market demand for construction machinery in China reached 300 billion yuan. Large-format thick-plate laser cutting machines has been widely used in the construction machinery industry in China. As the rapid development of global laser manufacturing technology, the gap between China's and international laser technology levels has increased, high-end laser processing equipment almost all rely on imports, resulting in foreign laser manufacturing equipment market share takes up to 70%. It is expected that in the next 10 years, the market demand for these high-performance laser cutting systems in China will reach more than 10 billion yuan. (Source: China Reporting Hall)

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