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Fiber laser cutting machine technology used in the stainless steel cutting

Date: 2018-04-16

Any material from the production to the finished product that cannot be separated is processing. But cutting equipments are much different from each other. From the plasma to the laser cutting is an era of change. The perfect cutting results are the needs of enterprises. High quality standards can only be fully realized by laser cutting machine, especially precision products of small hole and pattern shape cutting.

Take stainless steel products for example, regardless of the content of the stainless steel material, stainless steel is by far the most widely used metal material. It runs through the various industries and fields, whether it is for daily use, or high-end manufacturing aerospace technology, there is always a part made of stainless steel as raw material. Therefore, stainless steel cutting process can be concerned as a special case to discuss. Although stainless steel in accordance with the metal content is divided into a number of different levels, but its smooth surface reflectivity also makes laser equipment generates light reflection. As we all know, fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for illumination optics cutting. Therefore, reflective cannot cut products, but also may damage the device. But the new laser technology, laser technology in recent years, the development of not only the pursuit of other traditional point of cutting equipment, but also for other laser cutting technology with the new contrast.

The new stainless steel fiber laser marking machine technology has sufficient energy laser pulse for melting metal surface partially. Melting portion generates a series of pits and react with oxygen in the environment so as to become a dark mark, and to touch the contour, a concavity. As the pulse energy is increased, some of the material is vaporized and melted in the recesses produced at atmospheric pressure which causes splashing effect, greatly improving the visual quality of the mark. Back and forth repeatedly marking obtains engraving effect. Therefore laser technology has not only stainless steel cutting effect, but also has a laser marking applications. Both in the marking and cutting quality, maintenance and operating costs are significantly reduced. Therefore, the laser technology in the industry applications is feasible.

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