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P120 Specialized Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

P1260 is especially for round tube truncating and holes drilling, and it aims to replace the sawing machine in the motor parts industry.

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P120 Specialized Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Our products have a unique advantage in some functions

  • 1Automatic loading

    Automatic loading, saving labor and improving process efficiency. This machine is divided into two parts: laser cutting and intelligent feeding. After the materials are simply arranged, they enter into the feeding part. The system automatically and continuously feeds pipes during cutting, and automatically recognizes the material head between the two raw materials and cuts them.

  • 2Automatic unloading

    The unloading part of the machine adopts conveyor belt. The conveyor belt can ensure that the cut pipe is not scratched and the cutting effect is guaranteed. And it not only can extends the belt service life but also can give a safe working environment for the operator.

  • 3Less wasted pipes, saving material and reducing process

    When the pipe cannot be fed at one time, the subsequent pipes will continue to promote the current pipe feeding and continue to complete the tailing cutting. The normal wasted pipe length of the machine is ≤40mm, which is far lower than the ordinary laser cutting machine which the wasted pipe length is 200- 320mm. Less material loss, eliminating the need for wasted pipe processing.

  • 4Fast cutting speed, multiple functions, and improved efficiency

    The four-axis control system can meet various graphics cutting requirements of the market. The X, Y, and Z axes can simultaneously control the trajectory of the laser head. During continuous cutting, the word feeding can complete multiple cutting actions, saving feeding time and improving production efficiency.

Technical Parameters
Pipe cutting material stainless steel round tube
Diameter of cut pipe Φ10-Φ120mm
Length of cut pipe 30-1500mm
Max. cutting thickness ≤10mm
Loading length 2000-7000mm
Processing speed Depends on the laser source power and material
Cutting accuracy ±0.2mm
Machine bed accuracy 0.1mm
Loading weight of single tube 25Kg
Auto bundle loading weight 600Kg
Power supply 3 phases 380V 50/60HZ
Machine size 2400*1150*1800mm
Machine floor size 10500*2000*1800mm
Cutting Samples

P120 Specialized Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

  • P120 Specialized Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine
  • P120 Specialized Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine
  • P120 Specialized Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine
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P120 round tube laser cutting machine automatic loading and unloading.

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