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Advantages of Laser Cutting in Steel Furniture Industry

Steel furniture is made of cold-rolled steel sheets and plastic powders, then assembled by various parts such as locks, slides and handles after processed by cut, punching, folding, welding, pre-treatment, spray molding etc.


Steel furniture chair

According to the combination of cold steel plate and different materials, the steel furniture can be classified into steel wood furniture, steel plastic furniture, steel glass furniture, etc.; according to different application, it can be divided into steel office furniture, steel civil furniture and so on. The main catagories are:

1. Insurance series - satety box,  safe deposit boxes etc.;

2. Cabinet series - file cabinets, data cabinets, lockers, goods cabinets, security cabinets and others;

3. Goods shelves - compact shelves, movable rack, goods shelves etc.;

4. Beds series - double beds, single bed, apartment beds etc.;

5. Office furniture series - office table, computer desk,  study chairs, etc.;

6. School furniture - desk and chairs, row chairs etc.;

Steel furniture replaces most of the wooden furniture is an irreversible trend of the times. This is because wooden furniture consumes a lot of forest resources and causes damage to the natural environment. With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, many countries have banned or restricted the deforestation of forests. Since wood is the main raw material of wooden furniture, so the material is becoming scarcer. Due to the gradual maturity of the manufacturing process, steel furniture has entered the era of industrial production. The wide application of CNC laser cutting machine has made the manufacturing error of steel furniture reach millimeter or even micro level, while maintaining the raw material's non-toxic and tasteless characteristics, and these characteristics make the products green and environmental protection.

steel-furniture-laser-cutting metal-steel-laser-cutting steel-fiber-laser-cutting

Golden laser pipe laser cutting machine P2060A in France

Advantages of laser cutting in steel furniture

1. Steel furniture - more solid

Compared with furniture of other materials, the most favorable features of steel furniture is that it is more solid. For fiber laser cutting machine ensures the steel parts accuracy and no need of welding, so the parts can be assembled tightly.

2. Steel furniture - safety and environmental protection

Steel furniture is mainly using the stainless steel, aluminum, alloy etc., no need of the wood, after the sheet metal or pipes processed in the laser cutting machine, you can assemble it according to the drawing, so it is safety and environmental protection.

3. Steel furniture - more innovative and decorative

Laser cutting machine is a kind of high precision CNC equipment, you can  design your furniture with many and complex patterns, and the cnc laser cutting machine with high cutting resolution can support you to cut the metal sheet as you design.


  • Advantages of Laser Cutting in Steel Furniture Industry
  • Advantages of Laser Cutting in Steel Furniture Industry
  • Advantages of Laser Cutting in Steel Furniture Industry

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