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Laser solution for Korea Motor Cross Car Beam Pipe

CCB (cross car beam) is the equipment and trim required to support human-machine interface controls. And together with other security components, it constitutes the cockpit security system. The strength and stiffness of the structural components that protect the driver and passengers in the vehicle are the primary indicators of their performance.

Hyundai Motor Company is a famous motor company in Korea, who is committed to becoming a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond. The company - which leads the Hyundai Motor Group, an innovative business structure capable of circulating resources from molten iron to finished cars. To improve there production efficiency and upgrade their equipment, the company decided to introduce pipe laser cutting machine.

Customer requirements



1. The customer's product is pipe for automotive industry, and its need massvie and automatic processing.

2. Pipe diameter is 25A-75A

3. The finished pipe length is 1.5m

4. The semifinisehd pipe length is 8m

5. After laser cutting, it requests that the robot arm can directly grab the finished pipe for follow-up bending and press processing;

6. Customer have requirements for laser cutting accuracy and efficiency, and the maximum processing speed is not less than 100 R/M;

7. The cutting section should have no burr

8. The cut circle should close to perfect circle

Our solution

After carefully study, we set up a specical research group including the R&D department and our production manager to figure our a solution for their requirements.



On the base of P2060A we customized one model P2080A pipe laser cutting machine to meet their requirments of cutting 8 length pipe and the automatic loading.



On the end of material collecting, it added one robot arm for pipe grabbing. To ensure the cutting precision, every single piece should be clamped tightly by robot arm before cutting.



After cutting, the robot arm will deliver the pipe to later procedures for press and bending. The holes of the bend pipe should be cut by the 3D robot laser cutting machine.



For more detailed information you can check the video in our youtube.


  • Laser solution for Korea Motor Cross Car Beam Pipe
  • Laser solution for Korea Motor Cross Car Beam Pipe
  • Laser solution for Korea Motor Cross Car Beam Pipe

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