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Laser Makes Metal Decoration Door Window More Beautiful!

Laser cutting is an extremely versatile cutting process which can profile a variety of materials from thick stainless steel to thin aluminium. It works by using a gas assisted focused laser beam which strikes the surface with such extreme heat that it completely vaporises the material.

Industry Outlook Analysis

The cutting of metal doors, windows, stairs, fences is a popular application in the laser industry. At present, overseas markets in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar and China, are required to cut metal doors windows and guardrails.

Customers will thought that the metal doors and windows are elegant and noble, so they will choose some complex, beautiful graphics cutting, the main material is 6MM carbon steel plate. Generally a whole plate cutting, our standard model GF-1530/GF-1530JH can fully meet customer requirements, the general use of power is 1KW or 2KW and 3KW.


GF-1530 sheet metal laser cutter


GF-1530JH sheet metal laser cutter with pallet exchange table

At present we sold lots of fiber laser cutting machine to Saudi Arabia to cutting metal doors and windows, there also have other Middle East countries are also in demand, in order to enhance efficiency, customers will also take into account the high power equipment, and general processing large amount of customers, one machine can not meet the needs of customers.

Industry Core Points

1.Serious product homogenization

Now whether it is aluminum alloy doors and windows or wooden doors, product homogeneity is very serious. Some doors and windows companies never focus on developing new products, generally, they directly buy some popular models, and copy them exactly the same way, and use low prices to attract consumers.

2.Cutting effieiency

As we known, different manufacturers will supplier different metal to door production companies, so the metal composite and quality will influence the cutting efficiency dramatically. For example, the surface finish can dramatically affect the quality of cutting. In most cases, steel must be clean, pickled, and oil-free. Impurities on low-grade steel are highly reactive to the thermal process, especially when oxygen is used as a processing gas.

3.Pattern Design

For metal doors and windows, manufacturers have high requirements about the design, they want different pattern design to attract customers. For CNC fiber laser cutting machine, you just need to design the pattern in the computer, but this limit the imagination of the designer.

Advantages of GOLDEN LASER Cutting Machine



High precision

Laser cutting offers matchless precision when it comes to cutting raw metal. It can cut a variety of metal into a variety of intricate shapes. Fiber laser cutting also gives a superior edge finish that requires minimal de-burring and finishing when compared to other cutting techniques.

High speed

With a maximum feed rate of 100m per minute and automatic nozzle changing facility, laser cutting offers super-fast cutting speeds.

More flexible

Laser cutting is an extremely flexible option for profiling plate and sheet metal. It can handle everything from simple components to those of supreme complexity, making it the ideal solution for producing both samples and full production batches.


As a fibre laser cutting service we can accommodate most complex profiles without the need for additional processes.

Minimal Set-Up

There is a minimal set-up process associated with laser cutting – all products, whether aluminium, steel or stainless steel, can be processed extremely quickly prior to the fabrication and metal forming stages. This again, saves time and cost when it comes to manufacturing.

Laser processing has increasingly become an indispensable machine for the metal decoration doors and windows, and has achieved significant economic and social benefits. Meanwhile, golden laser will continue to introduce more excellent performance laser cutting machine to the market, thus the metal doors and windows will have better quality and high ornamental.


  • Laser Makes Metal Decoration Door Window More Beautiful!
  • Laser Makes Metal Decoration Door Window More Beautiful!
  • Laser Makes Metal Decoration Door Window More Beautiful!

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