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Golden laser and Xin Han Yi Sparking in Taiwan Sheet Metal Expo

Date: 2018-09-30

After the 42th China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair on September10th, Golden Vtop Laser took this advantage to attend the 2018 Taiwan Sheet Metal Laser Application Expo on September13th with the local quality partner Shin Han Yi Co., Ltd. The 3rd Taiwan Sheet Metal Laser Application Expo was grandly opened at the Taichung International Exhibition Center from September13th to 17th, 2018. A total of 150 exhibitors participated in the exhibition, and 600 booths were "full of seats". The exhibition has three major thematic exhibition areas, such as sheet metal processing equipment, laser processing applications, and laser device accessories. What's more, the expo organizer invited experts, scholars, exhibitors, and customers from all over the world to have technical exchanges.


1. Brief introduction of Golden laser and Shin Han Yi


Founded in 2000, Golden laser was listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. Golden laser specializes in providing high-end digital laser processing Equipment, industrial application solutions, and 3D digital technology commercial application solutions.

Golden Vtop Laser is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Golden Laser, focusing on the application of fiber laser in sheet metal and steel tube cutting, and laser welding. At present, there are three series of products: tube fiber laser cutting machine, sheet fiber laser cutting machine, 3D laser cutting and welding.

Shin Han Yi Co., LTD. was established in 2003, focusing on the development, production, sales and service of welding equipment. At present, the company's products are mainly automatic cutting equipment, automatic welding equipment, TIG argon welding machine, ion cutting machine and so on.

Golden laser had exhibited two most popular laser cutting machines in the expo, one is the open type sheet metal laser cutting machine; another is the tube laser cutting machine.

2. Strong debut of the laser cutting machine


Open type sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine GF-1530

Machine parameters:

1. Laser power: 1200W (optional for 700W-8000W )

2. Processing area (length × width): 3000mm × 1500mm (optional) 

3.Maximum acceleration: 1.5G 

4.Maximum running speed: 120m/min

5.Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm

Machine features:

1. Open type work table is easy for materials loading and unloading;

2. The machine main body is mainly welded by thick steel plate, which is durable and not easy to deform;

3. The operation table is integrated with the machine bed with optimized structure;“small and stable”, which greatly reduces the floor space;

4. Separate electrical cabinet is for easy equipment maintenance;

5. The spare parts like servo motors, reducers, racks, guides, lasers, laser cutting heads, etc. are using the first class brands;

6. The configuration of closed-loop CNC cutting system ensures high-speed cutting stability and high precision;

7. The machine meets with the European production standards, obtains CE and FDA certification;

8. Using imported laser source from the United States, the Nlight laser source is specially designed for cutting high-reflective materials with outstanding cutting performance of conventional materials;


Professional Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine P2060

Machine parameters:

1. Laser power: 1500W (optional for 700W-8000W )

2. Processing width (length × width): 6000mm × 200mm (optional)

3. Maximum speed: 800mm/s

4. Maximum rotation speed: 120r/min

5. Maximum acceleration speed: 1.8G

6. Linear axis repeat positioning accuracy: 0.02mm

7. Rotating axis repeat positioning progress: 8 arc

Machine features:

1. The whole machine bed is welded by thick steel plate, which is stable at high speed and durable.

2. Rotary chuck is pneumatic self-centering chuck, the pipe clamping and centering are finished in one step, and the clamping force is convenient for adjusting;

3. The chuck is with good sealing performance, it is completely isolating the dust during long-term processing, greatly extending its service life, and maintaining its accuracy and stability for a long time;

4. Rotation speed is up to 120 rpm, high speed means high cutting speed, greatly improving processing efficiency;

5. The spare parts like servo motors, reducers, racks, guides, lasers, laser cutting heads, etc. are using the first class brands;

6. The combination of floating support and tail material floating support makes the dynamic support of different tubes, and ensures the tube no deformation;

7. For small and long tube cutting, it can use laser source with special core diameter and modular and match with shorter focal length laser cutting head to achieve high quality, high speed and stable cutting;

8. Deviation rectification function, if the tube is deformed or curved, it can use the deviation rectification function to realize center rectification dynamically in the cutting process and ensure the cutting accuracy;

9. The machine is configured with the German PA CNC cutting system which is stable and reliable;

10. The machine meets with the European production standards and obtain CE and FDA certification;

11. It can be equipped with auto bundle loader system for pipe automatic feeding;

12. Processed pipe length can be customized, it is up to 12 meters;

3. Technical seminar


It is worth mentioning that Golden laser & Xin Han Yi held a technical seminar with the laser source manufacturer Nlight. Mr. Chen the general manager of Golden vtop laser, Mr. Zhang the general manager of Xin Han Yi, and Mr. Joe the head of the Asia-Pacific region all spoke in the seminar.

Driven by the "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025" action programs, China's manufacturing industry is transforming and upgrading toward smart manufacturing. Under this background, Mr. Chen introduced Golden Laser MES intelligent workshop laser processing management system, including workshop information coordination, planning-resource management, batch tracking, manufacturing industry-logistics-order flow control, quality management - statistical process control, equipment integration management, ERP data integration etc. Golden Laser has become the front end of the“Industry 4.0” trend, dare to be the first, and pursue excellence.

4. Rewarding delight


During the exhibition, we had technical exchanges with many scholars, experts and customers in Taiwan. In the laser cutting application technology, the future direction of laser development, and the application market in Taiwan, there are good exchange results, which indicate the direction for us to explore the Taiwan market and even open up the laser application market in Southeast Asia.

At the same time, during the exhibition, we successfully seized three orders, one open type sheet metal fiber cutting machine and two tube fiber laser cutting machines.

5. Looking to the future, meeting next year

Golden vtop laser will join in hands with Xin Han Yi to attend the 2019 TIMTOS Taipei International Machine Tool Show. We also cordially invite you to attend the grand event together!

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