Germany Beckhoff Control System Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GF-1530JH

Product Feature


Machine features

Rigid machine bed with 20mm thickness steel and max. loading weight is 800kg

Iron steel casting traverse with light weight, better dynamic despondence, faster acceleration speed

Full protective enclosure design provides safety protection from unseen laser radiation and mechanical movement

Pallet working table saves feeding time

Drawer style tray makes easy collecting and cleaning for the scraps and small parts

Gantry double driving structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, high speed and acceleration

The worlds leading fiber laser resonator and electronic components to ensure machine superior stability


Machine Advantages

1) The double closed-loop system and imported open CNC system enable high processing accuracy and high working efficiency during high speed cutting.

2) Standard collocation of 2.5KW fiber laser generator and optional 1200W-6000W fiber laser generator realize, low operation and maintenance cost and maximum long-term investment returns and profits.

3) Enclosure design meets CE standard which realizes reliable and safe processing. Shuttle table/pallet working table is convenient for material uploading and unloading and further promotes working efficiency.

4) Aiming at high speed cutting, we design and manufacture strengthened welded machine body after 2 times of aging process which ensures long-term accuracy and stability of performance.

Application Field

Applicable Industry

This model is specially for sheet metal processing, advertising sign making, high and low voltage electrical cabinet making, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, automobiles, machinery, metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, eyewear industry, spring sheet, circuit board, electric kettle, medical micro electronics, hardware, knife measuring tools,  hollow lighting, door and window decoration and other industries.

Applicable material

This model is specially for carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, alloy, titanium, aluminum, brass, copper, metal alloy and other metal sheets


Machine Description

Machine Highlights

Full protective enclosure provides safety protection from

unseen laser radiation and mechanical movement

Drawer style tray makes easy collecting and cleaning for 

the scraps and small parts

Gantry double driving structure, high damping bed, good 

rigidity, high speed and acceleration

The world's leading fiber laser source and electronic components 

to ensure machine superior stability


BECKHOFF CNC control system

1. In combination with the Motion Control solutions offered by the TwinCAT automation software, Beckhoff Drive Technology represents an advanced and complete drive system

2. PC-based control technology from Beckhoff is ideally suited for single and multiple axis positioning tasks with highly dynamic requirements.

3. BECKHOFF latest single cable technology, combined power and coding cable into one, which can eliminate signal interference

4. High-precision photoelectric sensors and mechanical travel switches are installed on all the moving parts of the machine, which can capture every movement moment, and control machine act instantly

5.System signal transmission without interference, make sure the machine running with high dynamic, energy efficient and low cost


Automatic shuttle table

1. Integarted shutttle tables maximize the productivity and minimize  the material handing times.The shuttle table changing system allows covenient loading of new sheets after unloading the of finished parts while the machine is cutting another sheet inside working area.

2. The shuttle tables is fully electric and maintenance free , The table changes take place fast, smooth and energy-efficient.

Rack and pinion motion system

1. Golden lasers use one of Atlanta’s high end racks, the HPR( High Precision Rack ) is a class 7 quality class and one of the highest available in today’s market. By using a class 7 rack it ensures accurate positioning and allows for higher acceleration and positioning speeds.

2. Atlanta is an established manufacturer of drive technology in their three plants in Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany) which produce high quality products like low-backlash gear boxes, racks and gears. Constant development guarantees complex changes in drive technology.


Technical Parameter

Model number:GF-1530JH/GF-2040JH

Cutting area: 1500mm*3000mm/2000mm*4000mm

Laser source: imported fiber laser resonator

Laser source power: 1000W/1200W/1500W/2000W/3000W/4000W

Position accuracy: +0.03mm/m

Repeat position accuracy: +0.02mm

Maximum position speed: 100m/min

Acceleration: 1.2g

Cutting speed: depend on material, laser source power

Electric power supply: AC380V 50/60Hz

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