Fiber Precision Laser Cutting Machine XJG-6040 DT

Product Feature

1. High speed and high precision fully closed-loop system and linear motor driving enable highest moving speed and accuracy.

2. Standard collocation of 200W fiber laser generator and optional 100W-500W single mode fiber laser generator can do precision cutting of any graphics on small area metal sheets. The cutting is precise and the facet is smooth. It is especially suitable for rapid prototyping cutting on metal art craftworks, precision parts and components and precision ceramic apparatus.

3. Enclosure design conforms to CE standard which realizes reliable and safe processing without pollution.

4. The machine moving system adopts fully granite structure to meet high precision and stable performance.

5. Precision laser head and optical lens are adopted for precision processing effects.

Application Field

Suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel, silicon steel, spring steel, titanium sheet, and other metal sheet, etc.

Applicable to sheet metals, electrical cabinet, kitchenware, hardware, metal enclosure, advertising, lighting lamps, decoration, gifts, medical instruments, automotive parts, watches and other metal cutting fields.

Technical Parameter

Laser Type Fiber laser generator
Cutting Area 600mm×400mm
Control System PMAC full-closed loop servo control
Driving Mode linear motor
Cooling System Dual temperature dual control chiller
Laser Head (standard / optional) Laser Mech / Precitec
Power Supply (standard / optional) 220V
Floor Space 1.3m×1.3m
Laser Power (standard/ optional) 200W / 100W ~ 500W
Working Table Structure Knife slatted working table
Positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Idle/Processing Speed 200m/min / 120m/min
Protection System (standard / optional) Enclosure protection
Format Supported PLT, DXF, AI, etc
Total Power 3KW / 2.5KW ~ 5KW
Other Standard Collocation Dynamic focus
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