Metal Pipe Laser Cutting Machine P2060

Product Feature


1. Material processed : Max pipe thickness for cutting is ≤6mm(mild Steel). Processing for pipes of length up to 6m ,12m or more.Diameter more than 200mm can be customized .

2. It can cutting multiple different diameter of intersecting line of cylinder in different directions. Then it can makes branch pipe axis eccentric/concentric vertical intersect main pipe axis.

3. In the branch pipe end cutting cylinder intersecting end,meet the vertical axis and axis condition branch director and non eccentric inclined intersect .

4. It can cut obligue section on the end of pipe. Can the intersecting line cutting intersecting ring main branch pipe end.

5. It can cut with square & oval hole on the round pipe & can cut multiple special graphics on the square pipes.

Application Field

Applicable Materials

Stainless steel,carbon steel,mild steel,aluminum,brass,copper,galvanized steel and other metal materials etc.

Applicable Industries

Fitness equipment,sports equipment,office furniture,medical device,display shelf,vehicle,agricultural machniery,pipe products industry etc.

Machine Description

1. The device-CNC laser cutting machine is a new innovation designed by VTOP LASER. The whole system configuration well, processing efficiency, high precision, stable and reliable operation. Uses through type numerical control rotary table, the aperture is big. Tube of Ø 300mm or less than Ø 300mm can through .Two High precision rotary table use double drive synchronous drive ,tubes not easily distorted when processing, Not only high precision, and high processing efficiency. Users can cut round, square, rectangular pipe, angle iron and other steel molding.

2. Air system can simultaneously access three different auxiliary gas, and automatic conversion. High-pressure gas path designed to improve the capacity of cutting of stainless steel and other hard materials. Through the solenoid and proportional valves can automatically switch oxygen, nitrogen and air, and the gas pressure can be within a certain range stepless adjustment.

3. Machine design elegant appearance, security  good; system more user-friendly design, high degree of automation, easy operation, while reducing labor and personnel labor intensity.

4. For all types of large diameter tolerances, fuzzy boundaries, stepping device selectively gripping and pre-set torque to ensure the holder is not easy deformation of thin-walled tube.

5. Device adopts High-Performance Digital system, servo motor from Japanese Yaskawa Electric, user-friendly interface and pleasant and good, all the action in real time supporting high degree of automation control signal, the system functions and good scalability.

6. The numerical control system configuration(Professional software to meet the requirements of plane cutting and pipe cutting  and can be switched).

Technical Parameter

Model number
P2060 / P3080
Tube length
Tube diameter
Laser source
imported fiber laser resonator
Laser source power
Position accuracy
Repeat position accuracy
Maximum position speed
Cutting speed
depend on material, laser source power
Electric power supply
AC380V 50/60Hz

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