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3-16mm Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel Tube - Laser Cutting Machine Be Applied

Galvanized steel pipe has the advantages of preventing rust and corrosion, so it is widely used in fire water pipes. The application of Golden laser cutting machine is vastly wide, for example, to galvanized carbon steel pipe, galvanized rectangular/round/square tube/pipe, galvanized seamless steel pipe, galvanized steel round duct pipe, stainless steel tube, galvanized culvert pipe, galvanized mild steel pipe, galvanized flex pipe,  galvanized iron tube, galvanized steel square pipe, corrugated galvanized steel pipe, galvanized black steel pipe, powder-coated galvanized steel pipe, threaded galvanized steel pipe, black galvanized pipe, galvanized steel rectangular/round/square tube, galvanized steel water pipe, galvanized steel culvert pipe, galvanized steel plumbing pipe, galvanized steel dock pipe, stainless steel rectangular/round/square tube/pipe, galvanized scaffolding pipe, pre-galvanized steel pipe/tube.

According to different dimensions of classification, the related pipes processed by our products can be divided into the following categories:

Length of a circle pipe (inch)

1-inch galvanized pipe/tube;

1-inch galvanized steel pipe/tube;

2-inch galvanized pipe/tube;

2-inch galvanized steel pipe/tube;

2.5-inch galvanized pipe/tube;

3-inch galvanized pipe/tube;

3.5-inch galvanized pipe/tube;

4-inch galvanized pipe/tube;

4-inch galvanized steel pipe/tube;

4-inch stainless steel exhaust pipe/tube;

4-inch stainless steel stove pipe/tube;

4.5-inch stainless exhaust pipe/tube;

5-inch stainless steel pipe/tube;

6-inch stainless steel pipe/tube;

6-inch stainless steel single wall stove pipe/tube;

7-inch stainless steel pipe/tube;

8-inch double-wall stainless steel stove pipe/tube;

8-inch stainless steel chimney pipe/tube;

8-inch stainless steel pipe/tube.

Length of a circle pipe (mm)

3mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

4mm galvanized pipe/tube;

5mm galvanized pipe/tube;

6mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

7mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

8mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

15mm galvanized pipe/tube;

20mm galvanized pipe/tube;

22mm galvanized pipe/tube;

25mm galvanized pipe/tube;

30mm galvanized pipe/tube;

32mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

35mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

38mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

40mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

42mm galvanised pipe/tube;

42mm stainless steel  pipe/tube;

42.4mm galvanized pipe/tube;

45mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

48mm galvanized pipe/tube;

48mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

50mm galvanized pipe/tube;

54mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

60mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

63mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

70mm galvanized pipe/tube;

75mm galvanized pipe/tube;

75mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

76mm galvanized pipe/tube;

80mm galvanized pipe/tube;

80mm stainless steel pipe/tube;

100mm galvanized pipe/tube;

410 stainless steel pipe/tube.

Area of a square pipe 

2-inch galvanized square pipe/tube;

2x2 galvanized square pipe/tube;

2.5-inch galvanized square tube;

2x3 galvanized square pipe/tube;

2x4 galvanized square pipe/tube;

3-inch galvanized square tube;

3x3 galvanized square pipe/tube;

4x4 galvanized square pipe/tube;

4x4 stainless steel square pipe/tube.


How to combine fiber laser pipe cutting machine with firewater pipes?

Lantek nesting software imports cutting graphics


Automatic bundle loader feeding in bundles


Fiber laser marking and cutting processing


Crawler receiving and conveying finished products

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