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3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine i25A-3D /  i35A-3D
3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine i25A-3D /  i35A-3D

3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine i25A-3D / i35A-3D

Total 160° flexibility, broader tube processing range and more opportunities to be exploited.

Overview of 3D 5-axis Laser Cutting Machine For Sale

Golden Laser's 3D 5-axis laser cutting machine matched the imported laser rotary swivel head, especially applicable for angular cutting, and 3D-laser processing of components. This 3D 5-axis laser cutting machine has a swivel range/stroke+/- 135° (+/- 160°), making seamless splicing easier!

3D multi-axis laser tube cutting machine- Experience the unlimited possibilities of laser tube cutting!

High-quality Bevel Cutting

GoldenLaser's multi-axis laser cutting head can achieve high-quality bevel cutting up to 45°. It makes the seamless splicing of pipes easier and simplifies the subsequent welding process.

Greatly Reduced Tube Processing Time

With RapidCut, laser cutting efficiency can be increased by 50% significantly while cutting square tubes or thin-walled pipes.

One More Dimension

Equipped with the Germany LT ULTRA laser rotary swivel head, 3d 5-axis fiber laser pipe cutting machine can swivel range/stroke+/- 135° (+/- 160°). An extended, more comprehensive range of tube types can be processed, especially for special-shaped tubes.

Increased Flexibility

3D laser metal cutting machine is applicable for round tubes, square, rectangle, open profiles, and special sections. The outer circle extension provides more clearance during processing for round and rectangular pipes.

Video Display of 3D 5-axis Laser Cutting Machine For Sale

Application of 3D 5-axis CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Technical Data of 3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Model namei25A-3D /  i35A-3D
Workpiece length0-6000mm; 0-8000mm
Tube diameter range20-200mm; 20-350mm
Type of tubeRound, square, rectangular, oval, channel steel, I-beam, profile, etc.
Single tube bearing weight225kg (Φ200mm*8mm*6000mm)
Laser sourceIPG/ nLIGHT/ Raycus fiber laser generator
Laser power3000W 4000W 6000W (optional)
Positioning accuracy0.02mm
Loading size800mm*800mm*6000mm; 800mm*800mm*8000mm
Auto feeder maximum weight2.5T

Laser Cutting Metals And Laser Powers
Carbon steel6101214162025
Stainless steel46810101216
Galvanized steel356881012

Highlights Of 3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Bevel Cutting

The maximum angle of the swing angle axis is ±160°; the maximum operating speed is 170m/min. The bevel cutting option enables high-quality bevel cuts of up to 45°. 

● Make it easier to cut irregular tubes, profiles and enable cutting workpieces to be seamlessly spliced.

Rapid Cutting

The pipe does not need to be moved when cutting the contour with a small figure, only the cutting head swings for rapid cutting.

● This is a significant productivity advantage, especially in thinner materials.

Ordinary Tube Cutting VS Fiber Laser Bevel Cutting

In tube processing, many pipe fittings need to be welded after cutting, but it is difficult to weld on the vertical cut surface, and another groove is needed to ensure the welding is firm.

● Golden Laser bevel cutting technology can cut angles of different degrees on the edge of the pipe. Easy to splice, saving processes and significantly saving time and labor costs.

Automatic Loading and Unloading

Automatic Loading and Unloading

Golden Laser offers a full-automatic loading system to sort out a whole bundle of tubes and measure tube length automatically. Due to the intelligent unloading system, finished products and wastes will be separated from each other. Moreover, offcuts and wastes are collected together.

● Save labor costs and improve efficiency.

Floating Support System

When cutting, the floating support device will automatically adapt to changes in pipe rotation without interrupting the production cycle.

● More stable and high efficiency.

Pneumatic Chuck

High-speed pneumatic chuck, the maximum rotation speed is 120r/min. Thanks to the self-adaptive adjustment of the clamping force, the operation is more intelligent and simplified.

● Time-saving and increasing productivity.

Welded Machine Bed

The maximum thickness of the welded plate of the machine bed is 25 mm, and the maximum weight is 7 tons, which is stable and not easily deformed.

● Longer serviceable life, more stable, anti-shocking, and accurate.

Optional Automatic Slag Removal

Optional Automatic Slag Removal:  Keep the inner wall is clean and smooth. 

● Improve the quality of the finished products.

Finished Products of 3D 5-axis Laser Metal Cutting Machine For Sale

Software Of 3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Professional Pipe Nesting Software

Sigma Tube professional pipe nesting software, seamlessly nested with Solidworks drawing software, directly nesting after drawing, efficient and time-saving.

In addition to ordinary pipes, it can also nest channel steel, angle steel and other profiles, powerful functions. Path optimization, co-edge cutting. High material utilization rate.

Automation Of 3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Track collection:

Realize the automatic classification of workpieces and storage.

3D industrial robot:

Adding a 3D industrial robot to the charging end can automatically charge the pipes of unconventional length and lay off cutting waste materials. At the unloading end, the three-dimensional manipulator and the crawler work together, visual recognition and automatic grasping of the workpiece. 

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