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3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine with Gantry Structure
3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine with Gantry Structure

3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Take advantage of the precision and freedom of the robot, no more cutting, drilling, punching, milling, deburring.

3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine For Sale

3D robot laser cutting machine perfectly integrates the world-famous ABB, FANUC, STAUBLI robots, and laser cutting technology, which can realize flexible and automated production. The 3D robotic laser metal cutting machine is widely used in 3D curved metal parts, metal sheets and pipes, automotive, motorcycle, kitchenware, and aerospace industry.

Leading manufacturer of 3D laser cutting robot system from GoldenLaser!

Video Display of 3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Data of 3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

Model nameX2400D/X2400LM20iaXR160L/XR160D
Robot armABB IRB 2400FANUC M20iaStaubli TX160L
Radius of crane1.45M1.8M2M
ApplicationCutting metal sheet/ tubeCutting metal sheet/ tubeCutting metal sheet/ tube
Positioning accuracy±0.03±0.03±0.03
Laser power (optional)1000W-3000W1000W-3000W1000W-3000W
Optional accessoriesROBOTMASTER software/SPRUTCAM softwareROBOTMASTER software/SPRUTCAM softwareROBOTMASTER software/SPRUTCAM software

Highlights of 3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

Release the Ability of High Power Laser Cutting Machine

Optional follow-up 3D laser cutting heads of top international brands, which can keep the beam always in the focus position and thus ensure the cutting effect.

One Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine for Multiple Uses

Packaging, handling, welding and other functions can be realized by changing hardware and modifying the program on the 3D programming software.

Flexible Installation Method

According to your factory space and processing requirements, you can choose gantry type or stand type to install your 3D robot laser cutter.

So the 3D robotic laser cutting machine can realize high-performance operation in a limited space.

Flexible and Highly Productive 3D Robot Laser Cutting

The 6-axis collaboration makes the working area large and can reach long distances, and has a large load-bearing capacity, so that cutting can be carried out along the 3D track in the working space.

Finished Products of 3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

Characteristics of 3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

First of all, the highly efficient fiber lasers help realize the lower cost of utilizing the robotic machine. Secondly, the cutting head of 3D robotic laser cutter is driven by the powerful and intelligent robot for greater path accuracy and shorter beat time. Besides, the robot software is capable of effective detection of the internal load of the robot. In this way, the service life of the machine is extended. Last but not least,  the world-famous brand cutting head is always chosen to integrate into the 3D robot laser cutting machine to guarantee cutting performance.

Why Choose Golden Laser 3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine

The manufacturing capabilities of a 3D laser cutting machine enable our customers to replace manual processes and optimize cutting processes. The 3D robot laser cutting machine from Golden Laser, one of the most professional 3D laser cutting services suppliers in China, is the combination of 3D laser cutting machine and the advanced industrial robotic arm, as well as the fiber laser cutting technology. It aims to achieve the most excellent automated production of fiber laser cutting.

With a flexible and compact wrist, the 3D laser cutting machine with a robotic arm can perform well and perfectly in a limited space. According to the production needs or requirements, the operator can adjust the laser cutting speed for better processing precision. Our  3D robot laser cutter is also featured with low noise, long service life, and extended daily maintenance interval.

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