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Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine S12plus
Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine S12plus

Golden Laser Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine S12plus

Minimum size, maximum utilization, the right CNC tube cutter for thin wall and small diameter tubes.

Small CNC Laser Tube Cutting Machine For Sale

S12plus - Your Best Laser Cutting Solutions For Small Metal Cutting

Small tube laser cutting machine S12plus is born for small diameter tube laser cutting within 10- 120mm (0.4"- 4.72"). Among the many industries that apply laser tube cutting technology, the largest number of customers who choose small tube laser cutting machines are those in the metal furniture and fitness equipment manufacturing industries. Square and round stainless steel pipes and carbon steel pipes with a pipe diameter of less than 120mm are widely used in these two industries. Maximize utilization and we always provide customers with the most cost-effective laser machines.

Fully automated medical tubing cutter S12plus with auto feeder and receiving device, which can transport square and round tubes in batches, saving labor and improving efficiency. Small tube cutting with high quality and high precision thanks to the 3D autofocus cutting head.

Benefits of Using Golden Laser's Small Tube Cutting Machine

Space Saving and Cost effective

The footprint of our tube cutting laser for sale is smaller, and only a 40HQ container is enough for packing, which can save more transportation costs and improve the utilization of your factory space.

Easy to Learn, Use and Maintenance

Because it is an automated tube machine, it is always easy to operate, featuring one-button operation! Save labor and lead you to build a smart factory.

Upgraded Processing Capabilities to Maximum Your Profits

More refined processing technology, more intelligent pipe support control mode, and upgraded intelligent processing data management cloud platform are equipped with this small tube cutting machine, so it will bring the greatest benefits to customers.

Higher Efficiency

Compared with the standard fiber laser tube cutting machine, the efficiency of processing small tubes by this CNC laser cutting pipe machine can be increased by 40%.

Golden Laser provides high-quality small CNC laser cutting machine for tube, contact us and get CNC pipe cutting machine prices now!

Video Display of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Application of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Data of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Model nameS12plus
Maximum processing length6300mm (20.6'
Tube diameter rangeRound tube φ10-φ120mm (0.4"- 4.72"), square tube □10×10- □70×70mm (0.4"- 2.75")
Single tube bearing weight85kg (φ120mm*5mm*600mm)
Laser sourceIPG/ nLIGHT/ Raycus fiber laser generator
Laser power1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W
Repeatability0.03mm (0.001")
Rotational speed150r/min
Weld recognition functionOptional
Auto feeder maximum size and weight800mm×800mm×6500mm (2.6'×2.6'×21.3') ; 2T
Equipment dimensions (length × width)12507mm×4109mm (41'×13.5')
Equipment weight11 T

Laser Cutting Metals And Laser Powers (mm and wattage)
Carbon steel101214162025
Stainless steel6810101212
Galvanized steel56881016

As one of the leading small laser metal cutting machine manufacturers in China, Golden laser provides the best quality small CNC laser cutter and small fiber laser cutting machine at a competitive price.

Golden laser has strong metal cutting and processing capacities. And the materials that we are experts in processing are stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, etc. Golden Laser can also provide good OEM tube laser services to meet the requirements of production.

Highlights of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Special Main Chuck

This CNC pipe laser machine cutting adopts special main chuck suitable for pipes of normal size ( ∅ 10 mm- ∅ 120 mm), with the highest utilization rate and cost-saving. 

Unique Auto Feeder

● This CNC steel pipe cutting machine is designed for batch feeding of round tubes, square tubes, and rectangular tubes.

● Compared with the universal auto feeder, the feeding speed of this CNC tube laser cutter is faster and more stable, and the efficiency is increased by 50%.

Compact Design and Small Footprint

Currently, many cusomers may face the problems of being hard to find a container in suitable sizes and increasling higher cost of freight, this small tube laser cutting machine only needs one 40HQ container to pack, which greatly saves your freight cost.

Full Pneumatic Chuck

● A much more compact pneumatic chuck is installed on this CNC tube laser cutter machine to prevent deformation when clamping small diameter tubes.

● This fiber laser cutter for pipe is easy to operate, only one key to control, and can clamp 10- 120mm tubes without changing claws, saving a lot of time and increasing productivity at the same time.

● It is convenient and efficient to have a automatic centering function to make adjustment speed faster.

Flexible Floating Support System

V-shaped support is used in this fiber laser pipe cutting machine, and axial floating support can be used in a square pipe cutting machine, which can improve the accuracy of small pipe processing.

Automatic Calibration Device

An automatic calibration device installed on the fiber laser cutting machine for pipe can ensure the accuracy during cutting thin-wall and small-diameter tubes.

Automated Sorting and Receiving

The crawler-type receiving device on the fiber laser cutting machine for tube is time-saving for you. After the laser cutting is completed, the waste and finished products are automatically sorted without manual intervention.

Other Advantages of Golden Laser Small Laser Cutter for Metal Tube

Trusted Tube Laser Cutting Machine Brand

As one of the best fiber laser tube cutter suppliers, Golden Laser has established a strong reputation in the laser cutting industry. With years of experience and expertise, we are known for delivering high-quality products and reliable services. The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and provides excellent professional support.

Cost-effective Solutions

Golden Laser offers competitive pipe laser cutting machine price for our products. They strive to provide affordable options without compromising on quality and performance. 

Customized Laser Pipe Cutting Services

Golden Laser offers oem tube laser services to cater to the specific needs of businesses and industries. You can directly contact us and discuss your specific project requirements to benefit from golden laser's customized and automated tube cutting services.

Video Display of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Our CNC Pipe Cutting Laser Machines Can Process Various Diameters of Tubes

Our CNC Pipe Laser Cutters Can Process Pipes For These Industries

Our CNC Pipe Laser Cutting Machines Can Process Various Shapes of Tubes

Our Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Pipe Can Process Different Types of Metal Materials

Our CNC Tube Laser Cutting Machine Operation Guidance

Finished Products of Small Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Software of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Upgraded CNC PA Bus System

Based on the previous generation of professional PA CNC cutting system, this fiber laser metal tube cutting machine has gotten in-depth development and optimization. It adopts bus control mode, supports touch screen operation, and has been designed a new UI operation interface. This fiber laser pipe cutter has 7 intelligent management modules for planning, production, process, debugging, diagnosis, maintenance, and setting.

Automation of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Auto Feeder:

This fiber laser tube cutter machine is matching the fullly automatic feeder to realize the automaticaly processing batches of small tubes.

Track Receiving Device:

The crawler is used in this fiber pipe cutting laser machine to collect materials, making it a automatic classification and storage of processed workpieces.

Golden Laser Warranty for Small Tube Laser Cutting Services

1. All laser tube cutters have laser class 3R - safe in all situations without extra protection and certification meets all machine guidelines.

2. 24 months for the IPG or n-LIGHT laser generator; 12 months for the whole metal tube fiber laser cutter.

3. During the warranty period, Golden Laser's after-sale department will offer telephone or on-site service. Our technicians will visit the customer's location to set up the CNC pipe laser cutter machine correctly and provide comprehensive training to operators, ensuring we understand the machine's operation, maintenance, and safety protocols.

4. Except for the damage artificially,  Golden Laser offers the fittings free of charge during warranty.

5. After the warranty period, Golden Laser still provides preferential technical support.

6. Golden Laser's engineers will visit clients and provide technical support on a regular basis to clients to address any inquiries, troubleshooting, or technical issues related to our steel pipe laser cutting machine. We have a team of experienced technicians who can offer assistance via phone, email, or online platforms.

7. After-sales service offices in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, and Asia provide service support and technical support.

8. As a big tube laser cutter manufacturer,  Golden Laser often provides software updates and upgrades for our metal pipe laser cutting equipment. These updates can include performance improvements, bug fixes, and additional features that enhance the machine's capabilities. Keeping the software up to date ensures customers can benefit from the latest advancements and optimizations.

What Will Affect The CNC Pipe Cutting Machine Prices

When you are searching for information about fiber laser pipe cutting machines, you will naturally want to know what is the laser tube cutting machine cost, why different types of laser cutting machines have different laser tube cutting machine prices, whether it is within your budget, and whether it can bring you ore benefits than input costs.

The factors that determine the Golden Laser tube laser cutting machine prices mainly include the following aspects for reference:

  • Brand Power

Brand is an intangible asset of an enterprise, it represents the corporate reputation and a product quality assurance of a company. Golden Laser has acquired its brand influence after wide market recognition and popular customer trust.

  • Configurations

Laser cutter for metal pipe has different configurations, which are divided into the high, middle, and low ends. Laser cutting metal pipe machines of the same power also have different configurations and great price differences. For example, the fiber laser or laser cutting systems, imported and domestic prices are different.

  • Laser Power

Fiber laser cutting machines can choose fiber laser of different power ranges. Generally speaking, the higher the power, the more expensive the price, and the correspondingly stronger laser cutting ability.

  • Purposes

Different industries choose different laser cutting metal tube machines, and different laser cutting pipe machines are used for different purposes. For example, in the metalworking industry, you will encounter various types of tubes with different diameters and different needs. Golden Laser will recommend that you choose a three-dimensional five-axis laser tube cutting machine with rich functions. It has powerful functions, from small pipes to large pipes, conventional pipes to special-shaped pipes, all pipe processing problems can be easily solved.

Another example is the metal furniture and fitness equipment manufacturing industries, which usually need to process metal tubes with a diameter of 10-120mm. You can choose a small tube laser cutting machine that maximizes the utilization rate and is cost-effective. 

Of course, The price of the former is higher than the price of the latter of these two laser machines. If you don't know which one you should buy, contact Golden Laser right now, We will surely choose the best best metal tube laser cutting machine that suits you according to your purposes.

Why Choose Golden Laser As Your Small Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

With more than 20 years of experience in latest laser cutting technology research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service, Golden Laser has acquired the highest laser application market share and the most important international influence in the laser cutting industry. We always adhere to the principle of "customer first". Choosing us means you can enjoy a sincere service, because we keep listening to our customers' voice, analyze their requirements, and to solve their problems with our best performance. We are able to provide excellent laser solutions, and that's why we reform the industry. Our laser tube cutter for sale complies with all machine directives and are CE/FDA/ETL certified. 

The European subsidiary established by Golden Laser is being perfected and will be officially put into service in October 2022. GoldenLaser's local dealer service centers are in Korea, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa, Colombia, Algeria, and other countries. That means we can give localized services and technical support for global customers. By the way, Golden Laser is looking for global fiber laser cutting machine distributors RIGHT NOW. Welcome to join us!

PDF Download of Small Fiber Pipe Laser Cutting Equipment

FAQs of Small Fiber Pipe Cutting Laser Machine

  • Q Does this metal pipe laser cutting equipment come with laser cutting software?

    Yes, this small metal pipe laser cutting machine comes with Germany PA CNC laser cutting system or Cypcut system. We will recommend a suitable laser cutting system according to your production needs.

  • Q How to ensure the accuracy of the inner wall of the finished pipe?

    Golden Laser's laser pipe cutting machine series can be optional equipped with automatic slag removal device. At present, we provide customers with the most conventional automatic slag removal solutions in pipes, or customized solutions with grinding machines to clean the inner wall. There are also the latest water-guided slag removal solutions.

  • Q Can the speed of this fiber laser cutting machine for tube meet my production requirements?

    The speed of fiber laser cutting machine small P1260A can reach 150r/min and the acceleration is 1g. Its speed is always faster than other automatic fiber laser cutting pipe machine.

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