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Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Minimum size, maximum production rate, the right machine for thin wall and small diameter tubes.

Overview of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

P1260A small tube/pipe laser cutting machine is a fully automatic feeding, cutting, and receiving equipment. The overall structure is small and the processing method is flexible. The configuration is fully matched according to the characteristics of the small tube. It is a tube laser cutting machine that combines the advantages of precision and efficiency.

Flexible processing:

● application industries: metal furniture, fitness equipment, metalworking, storage shelves/ racks, steel trolley, bathroom accessories manufacturing, etc.

● application materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, alloy, galvanized steel, copper, brass, etc.

● applicable types of tubes: round, square, rectangular, oval, waist, triangle, U-bar, T-type, I-beam steel panel, etc.

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Application of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Data of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Model nameP1260A
Maximum processing length7000mm
Tube diameter rangeRound tube φ16-φ120mm, square tube 10×10-70×70mm
Single tube bearing weight15kg/m
Laser sourceIPG/ nLIGHT/ Raycus
Laser power500W- 2000W
Rotational speed120r/min
Tail length100mm
Weld recognition functionOption
Auto feeder maximum size and weight800mm×800mm×6500mm; 2T
Equipment dimensions (length × width)12507mm×4109mm
Equipment weight11 T

Carbon steel681012141620
Stainless steel4568101012
Galvanized steel34568810

Highlights of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Special main chuck
Special main chuck

Suitable for 16-120mm round pipes and 16-80mm square pipes. The chuck is designed for high-speed cutting of small tubes.

New-style Automatic Bundle Loader
New-style Automatic Bundle Loader

It can realize batch automatic feeding of round, square, and rectangular tubes. The feeding process is more simplified and the stability is stronger. Compared with a general-purpose auto feeder, the efficiency can be increased by 50%.

New-style Floating Support System
New-style Floating Support System

V-shaped support is used in a round pipe cutting machine, and axial floating support is used in a square pipe cutting machine, which makes the layout of support points more rational. This design can improve the accuracy of small pipe processing.

Auxiliary Feeding And Centering Device
Auxiliary Feeding And Centering Device

Two auxiliary feeding centering devices are equipped at the front and rear of the feeding end to ensure accurate reading of the chuck clamping.

Automatic Calibration Device
Automatic Calibration Device

An automatic calibration device can ensure accuracy during the cut thin walls and small diameter tubes.

Pneumatic Chuck
Pneumatic Chuck

Thanks to a more compact pneumatic chuck, it can prevent deformation when clamping small tubes. There is no second adjustment.

Samples of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Software of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

New Architecture Of CNC Cutting System
New Architecture Of CNC Cutting System

Based on the previous generation of professional PA CNC cutting system, in-depth development and optimization. It adopts bus control mode, supports touch screen operation, and designed a new UI operation interface. It has 7 intelligent management modules for planning, production, process, debugging, diagnosis, maintenance, and setting.

Automation of Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Auto Feeder

Auto Feeder:

Matching the full auto feeder to realize the automatic processing of batches of tiny tubes.

Track Receiving Device

Track Receiving Device:

The crawler is used to collect materials to realize the automatic classification and storage of processed workpieces.

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