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Technical Training

Technical Training

01Always pay attention to industry trends, focus on the market, demand to develop products. 

02:Communicate with Customers, provide excellent laser solutions. 

03: High-standard precision manufacturing. Guarantee to provide customers with high-quality products and solutions. 

04: Complete the production, delivery, installation, and training services of the product within the specified time, so that customers will no worries in the whole process.

05: Communicate with users through after-sales and sales experts to extract useful information then to improving customer experience. 

06: Improve product efficacy and functions by refining the experience information of users in the same industry. 

07: Constantly focus on the improvement of equipment details Continuously improve the characteristics and advantages of products in the segmented market, make it beyond our client's expectations.

Sound Customer File Management
Sound Customer File Management
  • Each customer has its own file in the global after-sales service information processing system of golden laser, thus it can ensure the software upgrades in a timely manner;

  • Each service activity (maintenance, return visit, customer satisfaction survey, etc.) is recorded in detail and can be queried and analyzed at any time. Periodically count maintenance records of customer equipment and make reasonable suggestions for users.

Strict Technical Team Management
Strict Technical Team Management
  • Each after-sales service personnel of golden laser has a college degree or above, and each after-sales service personnel has undergone long-term internal training and passed our technology assessment system before being certified to work.

  • The interests of customers are always the first, and it is the unshakable responsibility of caring and respecting every customer. We guarantee that from the acceptance of complaints to the on-site service, every request from the customer will be fully paid by golden laser.

  • The golden laser service center will from time to time after-sales service personnel for technical training, update technical knowledge and improve service skills.

  • In order to ensure continuous improvement of customer service, we have also established a competition mechanism and talent reserve mechanism for survival of the fittest and talented people, so as to ensure that users can receive continuous satisfactory services.

Standard Service Behavior Management
Standard Service Behavior Management
  • The company has established a unified code of conduct and assessment criteria to ensure that the service process is standardized and the service procedures and services are professionally organized. The quality of services caused by personal differences is reduced and avoided.

  • The company has established a multi-faceted service supervision system. Severe penalties will be imposed on those who violate professional ethics and service norms.

Smooth Information Channel Management
Smooth Information Channel Management
  • Customers can communicate with us through various channels such as telephone, fax, letter, E-mail, and website message.

  • The golden laser customer service center pays close attention to the above channels in real-time. The customer's consultation, complaints and other requirements will be given back in the shortest time, and strive to maximize customer satisfaction.

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