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Medical Instruments

Laser Cutting-Machine In Medical Instruments

Excellent design and biomechanics in medical instruments industry

Affected by COVID-19, the demand for orders from medical instruments manufacturers has risen sharply. Such as medical bed, trolley, Automated dispensing cabinets, storage racks, storage chambers, examination chairs, and tables, etc.

Obviously, in the manufacture of the medical instrument, stainless steel round tube, square tube, oval tube are usually used. During the processing, the pipe needs to be cut, truncated, punched, chamfered, etc.

What are the advantages and performance characteristics of fiber laser tube cutting machine?

1. The laser pipe cutting machine has centralized operation, flexible processing, automatic loading and unloading, and convenient and fast clamping.

2. The laser tube cutting machine uses a precision rack and double drive mode, which is easy to maintain and maintain, and is basically maintenance-free.

3. The laser pipe cutting machine adopts imported special pipe cutting software and has the core cutting technology, which is the fundamental guarantee for effectively saving materials and improving cutting efficiency.

Medical Instruments

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