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Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine T2000
Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine T2000

Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Customized flexible laser solution for the broadest tube processing capability.

Overview of Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Customized solutions for finished tube parts:

The cutting requirements of finished pipe fittings are different for different products, so we need to customize professional solutions for finished parts fiber laser cutting machine to meet customers' needs.

Advantages of Custom Laser Cutter

Facing the characteristics of finished tube parts, choosing a standard pipe cutting machine will cost more, but using a customized laser tubing cutter can meet requirements and save costs.

Flexible Design

Not only according to the customer's product characteristics, but also according to the customer's requirements for the appearance, size, and auxiliary functions of the equipment to design a customized tube cutting machine.

Diversified Cutting Functions

Whether it is a short conventional formed tube, or a bent or shaped tube, all custom metal laser cutting machine solutions can be provided.

Flexible Automated Laser Cutting Operation

The professional CNC cutting system has flexible system openness, so loading and unloading can be completed by matching a customized three-dimensional robot. Realize industry 4.0 automated production.

Video Display of Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Application of Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Data Of Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Model nameT2000
Maximum processing length2000mm(customizable)
Workpiece length0-2000mm
Tube diameter range20-100mm(customizable)
Type of tubeRound tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, etc.
Single tube bearing weight8kg/m
Laser sourceIPG/ nLIGHT/ Raycus
Laser power500W-2000W
X Y axis maximum acceleration0.8g
Auto feederIndustrial robot (Optional)
Equipment dimensions (length × width)3500mm*1500mm
Equipment weight2T

Carbon steel6101214162025
Stainless steel46810101216
Galvanized steel356881012

Highlights of Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Break Through the Traditional Cutting Method

The two ends of the formed pipe are clamped stably, which can make the speed faster and realize higher precision laser tube cutting. At the same time, use customized high-speed special-shaped chuck and tip-mounted fiber cutting head to realize the processing of elbows and special-shaped tubes.

Integrated in the Automated Production Line

By matching the 3D robot arm machine and auxiliary tooling, the cutting machine is integrated in the automated tube cutting machine producttion line and can quickly realize the automatic production mode of automatic feeding, clamping, cutting, unloading and palletizing.

Samples of Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Software of Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Touch-Screen CNC Cutting System

Matching professional CNC cutting system, with good system expandability, supporting function development and expansion. Simultaneously supports two processing methods of 3D graphics import and program input, and the operation is convenient and simple.

Automation Of Finished Parts Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Industrial robots: 

The  industrial robot, namely the industrial pipe cutting equipment, can be seamlessly connected with the 3D industrial robots to realize a variety of auxiliary functions, such as automatic feeding, automatic unloading, automatic palletizing, and automatic cleaning.

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