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Videos of Laser Cutting Machines

Golden Laser's fiber laser cutting machines offer extensive options for laser cutting and engraving different tube processing. From metal round tubes to square tubes, from regular metal tubes to special-shaped pipes. GoldenLaser's tube laser cutter is designed to cut various shapes of metal tubes, including round, square, rectangular, elliptical, and profiles with different open cross-sections (such as I-beams, H, L, T, and U sections)

We are dedicated to exploring the feasibility of laser material processing. Now the fiber laser tube cutting machine has been widely used in the automotive industry, fitness equipment, metalworking, pipe fences, metal shelving, pipe fittings, elbow cutting, warehouse solution, metal furniture, steel construction, kitchen utensils, mechanical parts, metal door and metal window, and other industries.

Please contact us for material testing if you would like to confirm whether our fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for processing your metal materials.

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