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Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine S12R
Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine S12R

Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Dedicated for round tubes and fully automatic in bundle loading, feeding and cutting.

Overview of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of laser technology, round tube laser cutting machine has become the preferred equipment for the pipe processing industry. Without mechanical extrusion, running drill, and other problems, the round tube laser cutting machine has an excellent processing effect-high accuracy,  energy saving, no pollution, and no burr.

Fresh Laser Technology

With the advantages of high efficiency and high precision, Golden Laser round tube laser cutting machine S12R is gradually replacing traditional sawing machines, wire cutting machines, and punching machines, to become a main tube processing equipment, which greatly saves laser tube cutting machine cost.

Automated Processing Mode

One-button operation, you can put a batch of round tubes into the storage rack, and the equipment can automatically load, cut, and receive, thereby saving labor. It can easily realize mass production by cnc pipe cutting machine and solve various processing shortcomings and difficulties such as low efficiency of traditional pipe cutting, roughness with burrs, deformation and high cost of consumables.

Economical Advantage

Less labor, safer and more environmental friendly. Meanwhile, the processing efficiency is higher several times than other machines, and the processing quality is better, which brings more benefits and saves laser tube cutting machine cost.

Simplified Technological Process

The three technological processes of pipe blanking, hole opening and bevel cutting can be completed in one process, which can save time.

Efficient And High Quality

The cutting speed of cnc pipe cutting machine is extremely high, and the cutting time of the pipe is less than 1 second, which is 3-5 times less than sawing machine. The gap is small, and the section of the pipe after cutting is neat, smooth and burr-free.

Simple Operation

By using cnc pipe cutting machine, you only need to import the cutting graphics and process library parameters, and then turn on the automatic processing mode without human intervention.

Video Display of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine S12R

Application of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Data of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Model nameS12R
Maximum processing length6000mm
Tube diameter range20-120mm
Type of tubeRound tube
Laser sourceIPG/ nLIGHT/ Raycus
Laser power500W-2000W
X Y axis maximum acceleration0.8g
Rotational speed 90r/min
Tail length≤40mm
Automatic deslag functionStandard
Auto feeder maximum weight and size800mm*400mm*600mm; 600kg

Laser Cutting Metals And Laser Powers
Carbon steel6101214162025
Stainless steel46810101216
Galvanized steel356881012

Highlights of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Automatic Bundle Loader

Just put the batch of round pipes into the storage rack, without manually load, and the round tube laser cutting machine can complete the pipe loading. With a CNC laser tube cutter-computer and intelligent control, the CNC pipe cutting machine can work in the predetermined cutting area to produce the desired pattern and processing effect by software. After the technician inputs, the software master into the computer, the CNC pipe cutting machine cuts according to the set track, and the automatic receiving and feeding device receive and feeds the material without the staff throughout the process.

Multiple Functions

CNC pipe cutting machine China has multiple cutting functions such as hole cutting, truncation, and bevel cutting to meet the processing needs of various industries.

Automatic Slag Removal

Designed for the pipe fitting industry, saving post-processing procedures. The metal tube laser cutting machine uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the workpiece to be processed so that the temperature of the irradiated surface of the workpiece rises rapidly and is in a molten state, and then the auxiliary gas is used to blow off the molten slag.

Crawler Collection

The processed workpiece after cnc profile cutting can be automatically collected and stored in an orderly manner through the crawler collection mechanism, which protects the surface quality of the workpiece. Meanwhile, crawler collection saves time and labor, to increase efficiency.

Samples of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Software of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Ncstudio-v15 Laser Cutting Control System

Comprehensive and abundant cutting functions, real-time dynamic display of the cutting process, easy-to-hand operation mode, simple and clear operation.

Automation of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Auto feeder:

Makes the processing process continuous and automated, greatly reducing equipment preparation time.

Automatic receiving:

The processed workpiece can be automatically received and stored in an orderly manner through the crawler receiving device.

Industrial robot:

At the end of the crawler receiving mechanism, the robot can intelligently grasp and palletize the processed workpiece through visual recognition.

Cutting Process Factors Of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The following factors are relevant in cutting process of pipe cutting laser.

Laser mode, laser power, focal point position, nozzle height, nozzle diameter, auxiliary gas, auxiliary gas purity, auxiliary gas flow, auxiliary gas pressure, cutting speed, sheet speed, sheet surface quality.

Operation Details of Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

1. Comply with the general cutting machine safety operating procedures. Start the laser in strict accordance with the laser start-up procedures.

2. The operator must be trained and familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment and master the knowledge about the operating system.

3. Wear labor protective equipment as required, and must wear protective eyewear in the vicinity of the laser beam in accordance with regulations.

4. In the absence of a material that can be irradiated or heated by a laser, do not process it to avoid the potential danger of smoke and steam.

5. The operator should not leave the post or entrust someone to be in charge when the equipment is running, and should stop or cut off the power switch if it is necessary to leave.

6. The fire extinguisher should be placed within easy reach; turn off the laser or light switch when not processing; do not place papers, cloth or other flammable materials near the unprotected laser beam.

7. In the process of processing found abnormal, the worker should immediately stop, timely troubleshooting, or report to the competent personnel.

8. Keep the laser, the bed, and the surrounding site neat, orderly, free of oil, workpieces, plates, scrap piled up according to regulations.

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