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Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine Mega4
Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine Mega4

Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Automated 3D laser cutting solution specifically designed for ultra-long, ultra-heavy tube, and profile metalworking.

Overview of Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting uses a focused high-power-density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece so that the irradiated material quickly melts, vaporizes, ablates, or reaches the ignition point while blowing away the molten material. And with the help of a high-speed airflow coaxial to the beam, thus realizing the cutting of the workpiece. Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods.

We have launched the heavy-duty tube laser cutting machine, a large cutting machine for processing super-long and super-heavy pipes. From automatic feeding to stable clamping and finally, to automatically receiving the finished workpiece, the whole process can be fully automated. Save time and labor for you.

Professional Heavy Chucks

Compared with the general laser pipe cutting machine, the load-bearing weight of the chuck of a large laser cutter is increased to 500kg. The maximum load-bearing capacity of a single tube can reach 1.8 tons. The most extended length supports automatic loading and cutting of 12 meters of pipes.

Friendly Operation

The equipped chain-type automatic loading and unloading system can support up to 12 meters of heavy-duty pipe loading and unloading. The number of single preparations can reach 6 to ensure the continuity of the processing process and reduce equipment downtime. Only one person can efficiently complete the entire process.

Supports Multiple Types Of Pipes

Large cutting machine fully supports the cutting of round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, elliptical pipes, channel steel, angle iron, I-beams, slats, profiles, special-shaped pipes, etc., and supports bevel processing.

CE Standard

The large cutting machine strictly adheres to the CE standard. The overall safety protection reaches the highest level without worrying about safety.

Video Display of Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine Mega4

Application of Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Data of Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Model nameMega4
Workpiece length0-12000mm
Tube diameter range20-350mm
Type of tubeRound tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, channel steel, I-beam, etc.
Single Tube Loading Weight1.2t (1200kg)
Laser sourceIPG/nLIGHT/Raycus
Laser power1500W-6000W
Positioning accuracy±0.03mm
Rotational speed70r/min
Support bevel cuttingYes
Automatic deslag functionOption
Weld recognitionOption
Auto feederStandard chain loading and unloading system
Loading size6* 12000mm

Laser Cutting Metals And Laser Powers
Carbon steel101214162025
Stainless steel6810101216
Galvanized steel56881012

Highlights of Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Chain Drive Loading and Unloading System

The loading and unloading adopt a chain drive model without manual intervention. Chain drive, choose the chain type and length and tensioning method according to the primary factors such as load, speed, and working environment. The large laser cutter can ensure an accurate transmission ratio, transferring more power and acting on the shaft with less force and high transmission efficiency.

Intelligent Heavy-duty Chuck With Large Clamping Range

Large laser cutter adopts 3 heavy-duty pneumatic chucks with a maximum load of 500kg and a 20-350 mm clamping range. The clamping pressure of the pneumatic chuck supports digital visual adjustment, which is precise and easy to control.

Servo Reducing Wheel Support System

Both the loading end and the unloading end are equipped with servo reduction wheel brackets to increase the load-bearing capacity. When cutting different types of pipes, input the pipe diameter data through the cnc laser pipe cutting system to automatically adjust the wheel support angle. Servo motor control, positioning is more accurate.

No manual adjustment is required, and the operation is more straightforward and safer.

Modular Mechanical Structure Of Side Rail

The large laser cutter adopts the side rail design and chuck suspension type, accommodating larger pipes. The large cutting machine structure adopts the modular design, realizing segmental splicing installation and convenient installation and disassembly. Even if the length of the whole machine exceeds 24 meters, there are no restrictions on transportation.

Samples of Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Software of Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine

New Architecture Of CNC Cutting System

It adopts bus control mode which can support touch screen operation. The new UI operation interface has 7 intelligent management modules for planning, production, process, debugging, diagnosis, maintenance, and setting.

Professional Pipe Nesting Software

It matches Spanish lantek nesting software with comprehensive functions. High Material Utilization Rate. In addition to ordinary pipes, it can also nest channel steel, angle steel and other profiles, powerful functions; Path optimization, co-edge cutting, improve efficiency and save costs.

Automation of Heavy Duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Chain drive loading and unloading system:

Equipped with a chain loading and unloading system, which is convenient for the processing of long and heavy pipes.

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