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Golden Laser CNC laser cutting machine types vary from thin tubes to thick tubes, small tubes to large tubes, regular shape tubes to special-shaped tubes, or standard laser pipe cutting machine types to custom models, and more. As a leading famous laser cutting machine supplier, we provide a wide range of opportunities and possibilities to meet different CNC laser tube cutter demands.

Are you looking forward to a CNC laser tube cutting machine to help your metal tube processing business? Golden Laser will be customer-oriented and create value for customers. Golden Laser will provide you with professional CNC laser cut pipe solutions and services to suit your 2D/3D laser cutting projects within your budget.

Types Of Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine For Sale

Laser Cutting Machine Specification Comparison Chart


Smart Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine

3D 5-axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Cost-Effective Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Model (optional)

i25A   i35A






Tube Cutting Capability

Φ20mm - Φ200mm (350mm);

□20mm * 20mm - □140mm (240mm) * 140mm (240)mm

Φ10mm - Φ120mm;

□10mm * 10mm - □80mm * 80mm

Φ20mm - Φ200mm (350mm);

□20mm * 20mm - □140mm (240mm) * 140mm (240)mm

Φ10mm - Φ120mm;

□10mm * 10mm - □140mm * 140mm;

Channel steel 16#;

I-beam 16#

Φ10mm - Φ120mm


1500W- 6000W

1500W- 4000W

3000W- 6000W

1500W- 3000W

1000W- 3000W

Length of Tube

Up to 12m (customized)


Up to 8500mm (customized)



X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy






Max Rotate Speed






Weight of Single Tube

225kg (Φ200mm*8mm*6000mm);

600kg (Φ300mm*10mm*8000mm)

85kg (Φ120mm*5mm*6000mm)

225kg (Φ200mm*8mm*6000mm)

150kg (200mm*8mm*6000mm)


Max Weight for Auto Feeder






Representative Application Industries

Automotive parts; Pipe fittings; Photovoltaic bracket

Fitness equipment; Metal furniture; baby trolley

Automotive; Metalworking; Structural;  Aerospace

Metalworking; Motorcycles

Steel pipe elbow; bathroom accesories

How Does A Laser Cutter Work?

The utilization rate of CNC laser cutter for tube in industrial production is getting higher and higher, inseparable from our lives. So do you know how does a CNC tube cutting laser machine work?

A CNC tube laser machine is emitted from the laser, passing through the optical path system and focusing on the laser beam with high power density. The laser beam is irradiated on the metal pipe or sheet metal surface so that the workpiece reaches the melting point or boiling point, and the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam melts or vaporizes the metal. As the relative position of the beam and the workpiece moves, the metal tube or sheet metal will eventually be cut.

Laser cutting is replacing the existing mechanical knife with an invisible beam. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, unlimited cutting mode, automatic typesetting to save materials, smooth cutting, and low processing cost. It is gradually replacing traditional metal cutting tools.

How To Use A Laser Cutter?

A CNC laser tube cutter machine is usually suitable for laser tube cutting and metal sheet laser cutting. Here, we focus on how to use a CNC tube laser cutting machine.

  • Technicians need to be trained to operate the CNC tube laser cutting equipment;

  • Before operating the industrial CNC laser cutting machine, you need to type the cutting graphics in the CAM software and then import the obtained NC file into the operating software;

  • Prepare the metal material to be cut, then by manual or automatic feeding mode;

  • Adjust laser pipe cutting parameters; Prepare laser cutting gas; Confirm the status of laser cutting head;

  • Press the start button to start pipe cutting;

  • After the cutting is completed, check the quality of the finished pipe fittings and the cutting accuracy. If the requirements are not met, check and adjust the set parameters.

Application Of Laser Cutting Machine

Why choose a high-quality laser cutting machine for the tube? Saving time and reducing the number of parts, you can laser cut tubes of any section shape: round tubes, rectangular tubes, profiles with open or profiled sections, and extruded tubes and profiles. Our fiber laser cutting machines have a rich library of tube splicing methods that can be assembled without screws or welding.

As a leading CNC tube cutting machine supplier, Golden Laser's fiber laser machines for sale are used by more and more partners in the automotive industry, metal furniture, baby carriages, medical beds, photovoltaic brackets, metal display racks, warehousing logistics, pipe fittings, and other industries.

At Golden Laser, you can find the laser cutter solution that suits you!

Why Choose Golden Tube Laser Cutting Machine
  • 1
    Focus on customer requirements and customize professional solutions with excellent value.
  • 2
    With high quality components from leading brands selected throughout.
  • 3
    Product diversification can meet the requirements of pipe processing in various industries.
  • 4
    We have established a sales and service network in more than 100 countries and regions.

FAQS of CNC Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Laser Cutter Reviews

  • Poland, Mr. Ryszard
    Poland, Mr. Ryszard

    After more than three months of consideration and investigation, the P3080A fiber laser cutting machine we purchased at Golden Laser on July 1 has now been installed and debugged. After-sales engineers and business service attitude are very good, and the training is very serious. Responsible, the cutting effect and speed are great! Golden Laser is a conscientious enterprise worth choosing!

  • Belgium, Mr. Pierre
    Belgium, Mr. Pierre

    Customers feedback that the processing quality is very good, and the Golden Laser fiber laser tube cutting machine is still very good! The price is affordable. After all, the market positioning is mainly center power laser cutting machine, but the company's service and attitude are still very good.

  • South Korea, 박씨
    South Korea, 박씨

    I am a South Korean sheet metal processing company. I purchased two 2000w fiber laser cutting machines for tubes from Golden Laser last October. It has been a year without any major problems. After-sales technicians often come to us. Worry-free after-sales.

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