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Intelligent CNC Laser Cutting Tube Machine 2060A
Intelligent CNC Laser Cutting Tube Machine 2060A

Intelligent CNC Laser Cutting Tube Machine 2060A

An expert in pipe cutting with intelligent, digital, European quality.

Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

From warehouse shelving systems to many applications in the metal furniture industry, smart fiber laser metal tube cutting machines are widely used to cut pipe fittings in these industries. As one of the professional automatic pipe cutting machine manufacturers, our Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine P2060A P3080A can flexibly produce different orders with various outer circle diameters and lot sizes in succession.

An Intelligent, digital, and automated China pipe cutting machine can effectively deal with different kinds of metal pipes of different shapes.

Smart fiber laser pipe cutting machine applicable material

Cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and another metal pipe and tube, and more.

Smart fiber laser pipe cutting machine applicable shapes of pipes

Round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, channel steel, I-beam, etc. 

Smart fiber laser pipe cutting machine applicable industry

Metal furniture, metalworks, fitness equipment, metal shelves, metal pipe fence, automobile parts, medical equipment, construction machinery, shipbuilding, and other industry.

Video Display of Smart Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Application of Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

Technical Data of Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

Model nameP2060AP3080A
Workpiece length0-6000mm0-8000mm
Tube diameter range20-200mm20-300mm
Types of tubesRound tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, channel steel, I-beam, etc.Round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, channel steel, I-beam, etc.
Single tube bearing weight25kg/m25kg/m
Laser sourceIPG/ nLIGHT/ Raycus fiber laser generatorIPG/ nLIGHT/ Raycus fiber laser generator
Auto Bundle maximum size and weight800mm*800mm*6000mm; 2.5T800mm*800mm*8000mm; 2.5T

Carbon steel61012141620
Stainless steel468101012
Galvanized steel3568810

Highlights of Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

Touch Screen Technology
Touch Screen Technology

Upgrade from traditional button operation to touch screen operation.

  • Easy user interface

  • Integrated management saves time

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Durability

Automated Manufacturing
Automated Manufacturing

With an automatic bundle loader and unloader, you could decide the layout based on the available space, but above all, to meet your production requirements. 

● Save labor but improve the tube processing efficiency. Simplify the processing procedure and realize the intelligent production mode of Industry 4.0.

Flexible Cutting
Flexible Cutting

Flying cutting, jumping cutting, 3D stereo correction, non-inductive perforation, automatic recognition of seams, etc. 

● These functions can realize flexible cutting of various types of pipes to ensure production efficiency and satisfying quality.

Auxiliary Feeding And Centering Device
Auxiliary Feeding And Centering Device

There are two auxiliary feed centering devices at the front and back of the feed end. The centering device controls the falling position of the pipe and fixes it accurately.  Then the chuck can automatically and quickly move to the pipe end for clamping.

● Make the claw grip the pipe more accurate and improve the accuracy of the finished product.

Floating Support System
Floating Support System

During the pipe cutting process, the support automatically adapts to the change of the pipe rotation posture. 

● Ensure more stability during pipe processing, more accuracy of the finished products.

Automatic Deslagging (optional)
Automatic Deslagging (optional)

The inner wall of the workpiece is clean and beautiful without leaving slag. There is no need for a second cleaning process, which improves the quality of the finished product.

● It is especially suitable for industries that require high precision and with the clean inner wall of finished products. For example, they are cutting stainless steel, aluminum pipe, and copper pipe fittings in the automotive industry, food manufacturing, and medical device manufacturing.

Weld Recognition (optional)
Weld Recognition (optional)

The intelligent laser cutting program is executed effectively, and the processing track automatically avoids the welding seam position for cutting. 

● Avoid damaging the pipeline components and reduce the loss of your raw materials.

Finished Products of Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

Software of Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

Multi-touch Operating Laser System
Multi-touch Operating Laser System

The multi-touch operating laser system with a UI interface contains seven modules: planning, production, process, debugging, maintenance, diagnosis, and settings. The entire laser system is more intelligent and digital, realizing the ERP management of the factory automation system.

Spanish Lantek Flex3d Nesting Software
Spanish Lantek Flex3d Nesting Software

● It is suitable for round pipes, square pipes, OB pipes, galvanized pipes, triangular pipes, elliptical pipes, and other special-shaped pipes. Simultaneously, flex3d has a profile cutting function module, which can cut angle steel, channel steel, and H-shaped steel, etc.

● It Supports beveled co-edge nesting cutting, saving materials.

● The industry's unique bevel and co-edge three-knife cutting function are convenient for welding. Reduce manual post-processing procedures.

Automation of Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine

Automation of Smart Tube Laser Cutting Machine1

Automated Loading System

● Round, square, and rectangular pipes and various pipes can be automatically loaded from the magazine into the machine programmed from the CNC controller.

● An automatic loading system realizes the continuous automated production is primarily for mass production demand. Improve production efficiency.

● This auto feeder is suited for 800*800mm bundle pipe loading. With automatic measure function to ensure loading the suitable pipe without any mistake. The alarm warning system reminds the operator during the whole production.

Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine Systems

Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine Systems

GoldenLaser's tube cutting machine systems integrate intelligent machine functions, which include intelligent cutting, automatic feeding, and unloading, monitoring, setup, data interconnection, control system.

As an automatic tube cutting machine manufacturer, GoldenLaser's laser tube cutting systems can meet all-tube cutting needs, which are accurate with minimal downtime, durability, handling the toughest of jobs.

Smart Fiber Laser Metal Tube Cutting Machine Systems

Advantages of Fiber Laser Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine
Compared with Traditional Tube Cutting Machine

Fiber laser automatic pipe cutting machine

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to slice materials. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics.

1. Higher precision and fewer consumables:

Fiber laser steel pipe cutting machine has the advantages over plasma cutting of being more precise and using less energy when cutting metal tube.

2. Save labor costs and improve work efficiency:

Automatic tube cutting machines can realize batch tube processing, auto feeding, auto unloading, and automatic cutting.

3. Unlimited possibilities without compromise:

Fiber laser cutting machines not only can cut but also can engrave, mark, drill, truncating, etc. For round tubes, square, rectangle, and open profiles, special sections.

4. Flexible and intelligent:

A laser tube cutting machine with an imported PA bus system can be connected with the MES system to flexibly control the production work of the whole machine.

Traditional tube cutting machine

Traditional tube cutting machines include plasma tube cutting machines, circular saw machines, punching machines, water jet cutting machines, etc.

1. Lower precision and more consumables:

Traditional tube cutting machines have low cutting accuracy and more consumables.

2. Lower work efficiency

Traditional pipe cutting adopts a manual conveying method, which is slow, inefficient, and unsafe.

3. Limited functions

Compared with fiber laser automatic pipe cutting machines, traditional cutting tools have limited functions.

4. Not flexible and intelligent enough

The traditional cutting machine does not have this smart CNC control system.

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