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Laser Cutting-Machine In Automotive

Laser Cutting Pipe Fittings, Automobile Dashboard Brackets Laser Cutting Solutions

Hyundai Motor Company is a famous motor company in Korea, which is committed to becoming a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond. To improve their production efficiency and upgrade their equipment, the company decided to introduce the metal pipe laser cutting machine.

The main function of the automobile dashboard bracket is to support the equipment and decorative parts required for the man-machine interface control, as well as the structural parts to protect the driver and passengers in the car.


How did Golden Laser design the flexible tube processing line?

  • High-end CNC fiber laser tube P2060A

High efficiency, high stability, high precision, full function, ultra-wide compatibility, and openness, it is a high-end intelligent fiber laser tube cutting machine.


  • Automatic feeding system

After matching with the automatic feeding system, it can realize the automatic feeding and processing of pipes, which is the basic intelligent equipment for the automatic production line of pipes.


Equipment performance

  1. PA cutting operation system/touch operation screen, bus communication/Method New optimized CNC software

  2. Functional cutting/frog, flying cut second perforation, graphic display, processing estimate, pause / return// continue processing

  3. 3D stereo correction/Tubing software correction/Tubing hardware correction

  4. Servo self-adjusting support system/servo adjustable floating support/servo adjustment tail support

Unloading system/conveyor collection/robot picking

  • Weld recognition

Carbon steel pipe has welds. In the manufacturing process, the stress of the weld is relatively small. An electronic camera will automatically identify and avoid the weld.


  • Transport after pipe cutting

The unloaded pipe is transported to the next station through the conveyor belt and mechanical structure

The laser pipe cutting machine replaces the previous multiple sawing machines (cutting), punching machines, and a large number of molds (product openings), and at least three or four workers transport products and operate machines. Moreover, the laser-cut products are of high quality, the inner wall of the pipe is free of burrs, and the shape of the hole is unchanged.

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