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Application of Steel Tube Laser Cutting Machine in Furniture Industry

Application of Steel Tube Laser Cutting Machine in Furniture Industry

In recent years, with the continuous development and improvement of the laser industry, the practical degree of laser cutting technology has also been continuously improved, and it has also begun to be applied to all walks of life.

Metal furniture has developed from the only beds and shelves in the past to different forms such as sofas, tables and chairs, a new form of decorative beauty.

Most furniture products require the processing of metal pipes and plates. Due to the difficulty of metal processing, the price of metal furniture in the past was very expensive. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser processing has the advantages of arbitrary graphics, random adjustment of size and depth, high precision, fast speed, smooth incision without burrs, automatic typesetting, material saving, and no mold consumption. At the same cost and the same output, the steel tube laser cutting machine can provide more types of furniture products, ensure the processing accuracy, realize the diversification and multi-function of furniture products, and better adapt to people's diversified and personalized home decoration. demand, maximize production efficiency and reduce costs.

What innovation can the automatic steel tube laser cutting machine bring to the furniture manufacturing industry? What are the features of the device?

1. Steel tube laser cutting machine is the new main force in metal pipe processing

As a new tool for metal processing in recent years, fiber laser cutting has come to the forefront and is gradually replacing traditional methods such as shearing, punching, drilling, and sawing. The pipe material also belongs to metal, and the furniture industry pipes are made of stainless steel, which is in line with the advantages of the steel tube laser cutting machine. Fiber laser has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, excellent beam quality, high focusing density laser energy, and fine cutting gap, which can play a great role in the processing of pipes in the furniture industry.

2. Customized steel tube laser cutting machine helps to upgrade processing efficiency and quality

In view of the characteristics of small, thin and mainly stainless steel pipes in the furniture industry, we adopt targeted configuration to improve the processing efficiency and processing quality of pipes in the furniture industry. Special module fiber laser, special fiber, and unconventional focal length fiber laser cutting head, all the advantages of the configuration focus on the cutting ability of special pipes in the furniture industry, which is more efficient than our conventional standard fiber pipe laser cutting machine for cutting stainless steel pipes of the same specification. Nearly 30%, while bringing better cutting results.

3. Batch automatic production of pipes by steel tube laser cutting machines

After the bundles of pipes are put into the automatic feeding machine, one key is activated, and the pipes are automatically fed, divided, loaded, automatically clamped, fed, cut, and unloaded in one go. Thanks to the automatic intelligent loading and unloading function developed on the automatic steel tube laser cutting machine, the possibility of batch processing of pipes is realized. Small pipes in the furniture industry take up less space, and the same type of equipment, the bundles of pipes that can be loaded at one time contain more pipes, so it has more advantages. One person is on duty, and the whole process of automatic processing is completed, which is the embodiment of efficiency.

The steel tube laser cutting machine is used in furniture manufacturing. In addition to reducing part of the labor effort, it can also perform steps such as carving and beveling in processing and production. The most important thing is that the pipe processed by the steel tube laser cutting machine does not need to be processed twice. After processing, these parts can be directly used in the next process, which virtually saves a lot of useless work. For some small manufacturers, the steel tube laser cutting machine requires a lot of initial investment, but one piece of equipment can do the work of several people, can run 24 hours a day, and can complete the cutting requirements with high efficiency and high precision.

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