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Videos of Fiber Laser Tube Cutting FMS

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting FMS

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting FMS means a flexible manufacturing system. Advanced laser technology, flexible laser systems. Connect the CNC machines in your factory to create an intelligent automated production line. 

All-In-One. Technology to integrate your pipe processing work into a single management suite. Flexible manufacturing systems are used in car manufacturing, the electrical industry, and food pipe manufacturing, where one product moves through a series of processes, each performed by one machine. The laser pipe cutting machine from Golden Laser takes care of the pipe-cutting process. Robots can perform many manufacturing jobs, including assembly, packaging, palletizing, painting, and welding. They can work alongside humans or independently, depending on the job. The following process can also cooperate with the grinding machine to grind and clean the pipe to complete the pipe processing work with higher requirements.

Cnc Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine Videos

Benefits of GOLDEN LASER's Fiber Laser Tube Cutting FMS

Flexible Processing

GOLDEN LASER's fiber laser cutting machine metal FMS can adapt to different types of pipes and processing procedures, allowing for customization and flexibility in manufacturing.

Automated Production

As one of the best fiber laser cutting manufacturers, GOLDEN LASER produces affordable fiber laser cutter enabling fully automated production, reducing labor costs, and improving efficiency.

Intelligent Manufacturing

These products integrate laser cutting, sorting, and production tracking, enabling intelligent and digital production modes.

Improved Management Automation

It can help update the production flow and improve management automation levels, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Customized Solutions

This CNC fiber metal laser cutting machine can be customized to fit specific production line requirements, with options for end-to-end CNC fiber laser pipe cutting machines working with robots to increase competitiveness through technological integration.

Applications of Fiber Laser Tube Cutting FMS

Fiber laser tube cutting FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) has many applications, including copper tube cutting and packing, automotive field, and food pipe manufacturing. Here are some details on how this technology is used in each of these fields:

Copper tube cutting and packing

Fiber laser tube cutting FMS is widely used to manufacture copper tubes for various applications such as HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical wiring. The precision and speed of fiber lasers make them ideal for cutting and shaping copper tubes to precise specifications, ensuring consistent quality and reducing material waste.  The fiber laser cutting aluminum FMS can also be programmed to automatically pack the cut tubes into containers, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing efficiency.

Automotive field

The automotive industry requires precision and accuracy in manufacturing components such as exhaust pipes, fuel lines, and brake lines. Fiber laser aluminum cutting FMS is used in the automotive field to cut and shape tubes of stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. The FMS system can be programmed to cut complex shapes and patterns quickly and accurately, reducing production time and increasing efficiency.

Food pipe manufacturing

In the food industry, fiber laser tube cutting FMS is used to manufacture food-grade pipes for transporting liquids and gases. The precision and accuracy of fiber lasers ensure that the lines are cut to precise dimensions, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring food safety. The FMS system can also be used to cut pipes made of different materials, such as stainless steel and plastic, allowing manufacturers to choose the most suitable material for their specific application.

What Materials Can Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine FMS Cut

Aluminum fiber laser cutting machine (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) can cut various materials with high precision and speed. Some of the materials that can be cut by a fiber laser tube cutting machine FMS include stainless steel、carbon、steel、aluminum、brass、copper、mild steel、silver, and gold.

Samples of Fiber Laser Tube Cutting FMS


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