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What Should We Do if There Are Burrs when Laser Cutting Machine is Cutting?

What Should We Do if There Are Burrs when Laser Cutting Machine is Cutting?

Burr is a common phenomenon in the laser cutting process, which is characterized by irregular metal parts such as various sharp corners at the transition of the workpiece surface. However, universal does not mean that the production of burrs is acceptable, which directly affects the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. Shape accuracy and surface roughness reduce the quality of the product, and bring many problems to the performance and aesthetics of subsequent inspections, so we should try to avoid these situations.

Common causes and solutions for burrs in laser cutting machine cutting:

1. The deviation of the upper and lower positions of the laser beam focus generated by the laser cutting machine makes the energy not only concentrated on the workpiece, but the workpiece is not completely evaporated, thereby increasing the amount of slag, and it is not easy to be blown away, so the burrs are more likely to appear on the hat.

Solution: Adjust the position of the laser beam focal point and adjust it to the best position based on the resulting offset position.

2. The output power of the laser cutter is not enough to effectively evaporate the metal, resulting in excessive slag and burrs.

Solution: Check whether the laser cutting machine works normally. If it is not normal, it needs to be repaired and maintained in time; if it is normal, check whether the output value is correct.

3. The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is too slow, which destroys the quality of the cutting surface and produces burrs.

Solution: adjust and increase the cutting line speed in time to reach the normal value.

4. The purity of the auxiliary gas of the laser cutting machine does not meet the requirements, and the workpiece will be edged.

Solution: Replace the high-purity auxiliary gas.

5. The working time of the laser cutting machine is too long, which leads to unstable operation of the equipment and burrs.

Solution: Turn off the laser cutter and restart it after a while to get enough rest.

The above are the causes and solutions of several common burrs. Only by understanding the root causes of the problems can they be effectively solved. I hope that readers and friends who do machining and sheet metal processing can better grasp the details of the processing. Improve the quality of products and jointly promote the progress of China's manufacturing industry.

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