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Application of Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine in Bus Manufacturing

Application of Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine in Bus Manufacturing

Each truck or bus will be marked with a limited number of people or the total weight of the car cannot exceed how many kg. It can be seen that the traffic management department has strict quality control on the number of vehicle loads and the car itself. For bus manufacturers, producing a qualified car has become the primary goal. Since there are requirements for the quality of the vehicle and the number of people loaded, under the premise of ensuring the safety and firmness of the vehicle, the lighter the vehicle and the better the overall protection effect has become the mainstream of production. In order to produce a high-quality bus, it is very necessary to use a fiber laser tube cutting machine for raw material processing.

1. What is the job of fiber laser tube cutting machine in bus manufacturing?

The fiber laser tube cutting machine adopts mobile laser cutting and has a large processing area. The negative pressure crawler working platform is equipped with left and right feeding and rewinding devices, which enables unwinding, cutting and rewinding in one go, which greatly reduces the time between procedures and improves work efficiency and processing output. Therefore, it can automatically realize the pipe processing equipment with all the actions and functions of the pipe from feeding, length measurement to laser cutting, and then to unloading.

The internal structure of modern pbuss is generally constructed with solid, lighter metal round tubes, square tubes, and T-shaped tubes. Therefore, a large number of metal tubes of different diameters are used in the manufacturing process of the entire pbus. In order to meet the needs of cutting, perforating, beveling, high precision, and being directly used in the next process, it is necessary to choose a processing equipment with good performance, and the fiber laser pipe cutting machine can meet these needs.

2. Application advantages of fiber laser tube cutting machine

The fiber laser tube cutting machine can perform high-precision processing while working, and realize one-time cutting and forming without the need for subsequent deburring. In addition, the loading, clamping, rotation, cutting, feeding, cutting, and unloading of the workpiece are automatically completed by the machine tool, which reflects the characteristics of fully automated products and greatly improves the user's production efficiency. In addition, the equipment can 24 hours non-stop operation, high efficiency to complete the cutting requirements.

With the continuous strengthening of enterprises' awareness of environmental protection and the continuous stricter control of bus manufacturing by the traffic management department, the use of fiber laser tube cutting machine to assist the manufacturing of buss can greatly reduce the emission of pollutants and produce high-quality products.

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