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The Configuration of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

The Configuration of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

At present, the laser pipe cutting machine has been favored by the metal pipe processing industry, and its application in the metal industry is gradually widespread. The high efficiency of laser cutting technology has greatly promoted the transformation and upgrading of industrial technology. However, what do you know about the configuration of the laser pipe cutting machine? Let us give you a brief introduction:

1. The heart of laser pipe cutting machine: laser

Generally, lasers are made in China and imported, and the price difference is very large. Of course, the performance and stability are also very different.

2. The cutting head of the laser pipe cutting machine

The impact of the cutting head on the cutting effect of the metal laser cutting machine for pipe cannot be ignored. Imported laser pipe cutting machines are more expensive. Many small pipe cutting machine manufacturers ignore the performance of the equipment in order to ensure their own profits. Generally, they use Chinese cutting heads. Therefore, customers must ask clearly when comparing configurations.

3. Laser pipe cutting machine software configuration: automatic tracking system

The automatic tracking system is the core link of equipment transmission, which has a very important impact on the overall cutting effect of the equipment. This is also a parameter for the price comparison of laser pipe cutting machines.

4. Air compressor of laser pipe cutting machine

In order to achieve a very high cutting quality and effect, the laser pipe cutting machine needs clean, dry and stable air. The function of the air compressor is to provide a part of the cutting gas composed of high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen to the cutting head, part as a power source to the cylinder of the clamping table, and part to purge and remove dust from the optical path system.

5. The chiller of the laser pipe cutting machine

The chiller is a device to ensure that the laser pipe cutting machine works under constant temperature conditions. During the processing, a large amount of heat will be generated. If the temperature is not cooled in time, the laser parts will be overheated and damaged. With the protection of the chiller, the equipment can be processed at a constant temperature.

The configuration of the laser pipe cutting machine is related to the performance, function and price of the entire machine tool. Therefore, when purchasing laser cutting equipment, choosing the right configuration is a problem that we cannot ignore. For more details on the laser pipe cutting machine, please consult Golden Laser.

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