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Application of Laser Processing Technology in Furniture Industry

Application of Laser Processing Technology in Furniture Industry

At present, the laser processing technology of laser cutting machine has attracted much attention in the field of industrial manufacturing, and its advanced technologies such as high-power thick plate cutting, thin plate rapid cutting and precision welding of workpieces have been widely used in the market. And with the continuous innovation of technology and application, it provides the possibility for higher efficiency and higher quality processing of sheet metal in various industries.

1. The advantages of laser cutting machine used in furniture industry

Metal furniture is a branch of the furniture industry, which mainly covers various filing cabinets, safes, bookshelves, explosion-proof cabinets and other cabinets, tables and chairs and other products. With the substantial increase in the degree of practicality of laser processing technology in the furniture industry, furniture products are characterized by green and environmental protection, sturdiness and durability, complex shapes and diverse functions.

Rigid machine tool structure and soaring beam dynamic performance improve greatly. The fiber laser cutting machine is also equipped with advanced technology that is independently developed by Han's Laser, such as zero-second perforation, flying cutting, leapfrog cutting, etc., which can reduce users' cutting costs and improve cutting efficiency.

2. The laser cutting machine can realize fast cutting

Taking various types of filing cabinets, compact racks, steel cabinets and other types of products as examples, it mainly solves the processing needs of exterior sheet metal parts and internal connectors. The fiber laser cutting machine has outstanding characteristics of flexibility in laser processing, which can easily meet the needs of rapid laser cutting of metal sheet planes for such products.

In addition, complex metal decorations such as screens and partitions in the furniture industry will have beautiful appearance and greater market competitiveness after laser processing. For safes, explosion-proof cabinets and other types of products, there is a great demand for plane laser cutting of thick metal plates of about 12mm. The laser cutting process is used to achieve rapid perforation. And the incision is smooth and burr-free, which requires no secondary grinding.

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