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Application of Small Laser Cutting Machine in Jewelry Industry

Application of Small Laser Cutting Machine in Jewelry Industry

Generally, the production of jewelry is made of metal, rare metal or non-metal materials. Although it is only a small object, it is a test of processing skills and equipment. For the traditional cutting process, this may be a big test, but it is a very good opportunity for robot laser cutting machine.

1. The cutting application of robot laser cutting machine in jewelry industry

Jewelry is regarded as a high-end consumer product. For manufacturers, of course, they hope to keep the cost as low as possible to meet the production needs of users. The traditional cutting process requires the use of molds for processing, which invisibly increases the manufacturer's manufacturing costs. In addition, some gold and silver jewelry has very strict requirements on the processing technology, and the carving and surface treatment on the jewelry need to be very fine, making the traditional cutting technology unable to meet the cutting requirements of the product.

If you have to do it in accordance with the traditional processing technology, not only will the processing cycle become very long, but also the customer will not have a good product experience. However, looking at the cutting application of robotic laser cutting machines in jewelry, it seems so easy and efficient.

2. Advantages of using robot laser cutting machine in jewelry industry

For many years, laser cutting technology has been constantly innovating. For robot laser cutting machine, the processing problems faced by manufacturers can be solved very well.

First of all, the robot laser cutting machine directly skips the link of mold opening, which saves costs for manufacturers.

Secondly, the cutting operation of the robot laser cutting machine is fully controlled by the system, which is very intelligent and can meet the manufacturing requirements of customers for different shapes, even if it is required for private customization.

The robot laser cutting machine meets the diversified manufacturing requirements of users and saves costs for manufacturers. At the same time, it can also shorten the production cycle of jewelry to a minimum. It may only take a few minutes or even a few seconds to complete.

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