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Development Prospect of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Development Prospect of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

The material cutting of laser pipe cutting machine is currently the segment with the largest share of laser applications, most of which are laser cutting applications for medium and high power metal materials. Of course, this includes daily major metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, and aluminum, of which stainless steel and carbon steel account for the largest proportion.

1. The plate cutting turns to the laser pipe cutting machine to cut pipes

The development of laser metal cutting is in full swing, from YAG lasers, CO2 lasers to fiber lasers, from 500 watts to 20,000 watts of cutting equipment, it has only been more than ten years. Nowadays, the development of laser cutting equipment is relatively mature, and the power has basically solved most of the application requirements. In the plane cutting of sheet metal, more than hundreds of companies have made related equipment, and even reached a market pattern of fierce competition and price competition.

Two-dimensional sheet metal cutting can only earn small profits now, forcing many laser pipe cutting machine companies to find another way out, looking for new growth points, new application scenarios, and greater profitability. At this time, the wave of metal laser cutting happened to spread to the field of metal pipe cutting.

In fact, laser tube cutting is not new. Several companies have launched similar products many years ago, but the application of tube cutting was less discovered at that time, and the equipment was expensive, and it was not widely promoted. In the past, the cutting was a CO2 laser. Nowadays, fiber laser cutting of fiber laser pipe cutter is common.

Many companies have hindered the growth of flat sheet cutting machines, competition has increased, and they have entered the era of small profits, so they turned to laser pipe cutting machines. Currently, there are still certain profits, and companies are willing to do it. Even many companies continue to promote new technologies and new functions in pipe cutting, including plate and tube integrated cutting machines, three-chuck pipe cutting machines, and automatic feeding and picking pipe cutting machines.

Ⅱ. The advantages of laser tube cutting by laser tube cutting machine

In the past, traditional stainless steel pipe cutting mostly used saw blade cutting, from manual to semi-automatic, and then to fully automatic. The saw blade cutting technology has reached the ceiling, and the pipe cutting efficiency cannot be improved. At this time, the laser pipe cutting machine technology began to enter the pipe industry. It is very suitable for cutting various metal pipes. It has the characteristics of high automation, high efficiency and high output. There is no need to replace the corresponding saw blades for pipes of different materials. It is "one size fits all", no need to stop in the middle, very suitable for mass production.

The emergence of the laser pipe cutting machine soon brought a subversive change to the cutting process of the original metal pipe industry. Laser cutting has quickly replaced many traditional and low-efficiency mechanical cutting. Nowadays, laser pipe cutting machines which are provided by Golden Laser continue to add new functions, such as automatic feeding, clamping, rotation, and bevel cutting, suitable for round pipes, square pipes, flat pipes, etc. Laser cutting meets almost all requirements for pipe cutting.

In terms of efficiency, according to the introduction, a stainless steel tube is cut into sections. The original saw blade takes 15 seconds to cut a section of the tube. Now it takes less than 2 seconds to complete the laser cutting, which has increased the efficiency by nearly 10 times. The most important thing is that a saw blade worth hundreds or even hundreds of dollars is generally worn out after more than 1,000 cuts and needs to be replaced. Laser cutting can almost be regarded as an infinite cutting. At this point, mechanical tools can save a lot of costs.

For today's hundreds of billions of metal pipe market, now the laser pipe cutting machine cutting pipe process has only just begun a few years, the future opportunities for traditional replacement is very huge. In addition, there will be a lot of room for pipe bending and pipe welding after pipe cutting.

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