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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Has More Development Potential

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Has More Development Potential

1. The status of fiber laser cutting machine

For more than ten years, fiber laser cutting machine has been playing an important role in the field of laser cutting. At first, fiber laser cutters were ideal for cutting thin pieces of metal at high speeds; and now the application scope and function of the China fiber laser cutter is more than that. But do you know what a fiber laser cutting machine is?

2. What is a fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser is a new type of laser that outputs high energy density laser beam, and it can concentrate on the surface of the workpiece, so that the area irradiated by ultrafine focal spot on the workpiece is melted and gasified instantaneously, and automatic cutting is realized by moving the irradiated spot position through numerical control mechanical system. Compared with large gas laser and solid laser, it has obvious advantages, and has gradually become an important candidate in high precision laser processing, laser radar system, space technology, laser medicine and other fields. Golden Laser is a professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, and welcome to consult and purchase.

3. Working principle of a fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is to mix the pumping materials into the fiber, coupled with a laser of a specific wavelength emitted by a semiconductor laser. To make the optical fiber produce a laser. The photoelectric conversion rate is as high as twice that of carbon dioxide. And it has an advantage when cutting thin metal, because fiber lasers emit light at a wavelength of 1070 nanometers and so that have a higher absorption rate.

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