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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Writes the Art World of Metal

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Writes the Art World of Metal

As a new type of processing tool, fiber laser cutting machine is the product of the development of modern science and technology. In order to make more creative products emerge in various fields of metal processing, the creators boldly introduced laser technology, used fiber laser cutting machines to write the art world of metal.

Ⅰ. Process application of fiber laser cutting machine

1. Laser cutting - based on numerical control technology and laser as the processing medium, let the light walk freely on the metal.

2. Laser hollowing out - outline the three-dimensional and transparent sense of metal with light, so that it can get rid of the sluggish, and bring more dynamic characteristics.

Ⅱ. The industry application of fiber laser cutting machine

1. Craft gifts - Chinese metal crafts have a long history, but metal processing is difficult and expensive. The advent of the fiber laser cutting machine not only simplifies the processing process of metal crafts and reduces costs, but also makes it an affordable tool for the public.

2. Home decoration - metal home decoration overcomes the disadvantages of other materials such as easy fading, moisture resistance, and difficulty in preservation, while laser cutting technology overcomes the inflexibility of metal processing. Combine laser hollow elements with metal to create clearer and more colorful screens and doors and windows.

3. Art Buildings - Behind every spectacular metal art building, there are tens of thousands of pieces of metal pieced together. And each piece of metal is outlined by the laser step by step.

4. Lighting lighting - elegant and graceful laser hollow lines, matching the simple metal cover with innovative geometric patterns, allowing metal lighting to find the starting point of beauty.

Fiber laser cutting machine is high-efficiency, high-quality, and highly automated. It is suitable for professional cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, copper and other metal materials, and provides strong technical support for cutting, hollowing, punching and other processes of metal materials.

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