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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to Create High-end Stainless Steel Bathroom

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to Create High-end Stainless Steel Bathroom

With the increasing economical practicability of stainless steel bathrooms, the market demand is also increasing. In order to occupy the market, major sanitary ware companies have realized the importance of improving the manufacturing process, and have begun to invest in laser processing production lines. Fiber laser cutting machines have become an indispensable equipment for production lines.

1. Fiber laser cutting machine for stainless steel bathroom

Stainless steel bathrooms are mainly made of stainless steel materials of about 1mm, which generally need to be processed by dozens of processes such as oiling, sanding, shearing, stamping, bending, filling, welding, assembly, and grinding.

This traditional process is cumbersome and expensive, and the application of fiber laser cutting machines has greatly improved this problem.

2. Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine

The fiber laser cutting machine uses the energy released when the laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to melt and evaporate the workpiece to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving.

No need to open molds and tools, no stress on products, high precision, fast cutting, not limited to cutting pattern restrictions, automatic typesetting to save materials, smooth incisions, low processing costs, etc, especially suitable for industries such as stainless steel bathrooms with a wide variety and complex processes.

Fiber laser cutting machine can meet the large-scale processing requirements of stainless steel bathroom. The cutting speed of 1mm stainless steel can reach 15m/min, and it can punch holes on the board surface and cut various complex patterns. The material and cutting surface are smooth, eliminating the need for shearing, stamping, grinding and other processes, which greatly shortens the delivery cycle of bathroom products.

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