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How is Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine Used in the Kids

How is Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine Used in the Kids' Desk Manufacturing?

Laser Cutting Technology in Adjustable Kids' Desk Manufacturing

In 2021, Golden Laser sold small tube laser cutting machines to many metal furniture manufacturers. Statistics show that most purchasers use the small pipe cutting machine to manufacture adjustable kids' desks.

Why should kids need a desk in their room?

Promotes independence – Creating a desk area specifically for your child means that they have their own space. It will help them understand that they are allowed alone, can figure things out independently, and enable them to learn new skills.


Laser Cutting Solution in Adjustable Kids’Desk Manufacturing

Carbon steel square pipes and round pipes are the most common pipe fittings in the kid's learning desk production. The range of pipe diameter is generally 20mm-120mm. We first recommend the small tube laser cutting machine P1260A for our clients. GoldenLaser's small tube laser cutting machine is very suitable for the industry.

According to customer feedback, the metal pipe supporting part of the kids' desk has very high processing equipment requirements. It needs to have the functions of laser cutting, laser marking, and punching simultaneously, especially the hole diameter must be burr-free and high-precision. It brings considerable problems to the traditional cutting process. 


(pipe fittings for manufacturing kids' desk)

What can the automatic tube cutting machine P1260A do?

Golden Laser's automatic pipe cutting machine P1260A perfectly solves the customer's production pain points. The positioning accuracy of the P1260A small tube cutting machine can reach 0.05mm, and with the pointed 3D laser cutting head, it can easily get the precision required by customers. With the welding seam recognition function and the automatic slag removal function of the inner wall, the small pipe laser cutting machine P1260A can quickly meet the high-quality and high-efficiency tube processing requirements.


Why does Golden Laser recommend the automatic laser cutting machine P1260A?

● Small tube laser cutting machine P1260A is specially matched for normal size 10-120mm (0.4"- 4.72") tube processing.

● Easy for round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, etc.

● Perfectly solve the processing of tubes less than 120mm diameter

● Original automatic feeding and distributing system, saving labour and time

● Speed- always one step faster

● Accuracy- always better than other laser tube cutting machine

Watch the video below of the small tube laser cutting machine P1260A in the client's factory

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