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Application of Laser Cutting Robot in Home Appliance Industry

Application of Laser Cutting Robot in Home Appliance Industry

The home appliance industry has been constantly reforming and developing. From the initial traditional offline retail to the subsequent upgrade of the e-commerce battle, from the initial pursuit of increased quantity to the later improvement of quality and craftsmanship, they all reflect the development trend of the home appliance industry. The industry is constantly catering to modern people's pursuit of quality life with innovative technology, and all this is inseparable from the application of laser technology.

1. Features of the laser cutting robot

The quality of laser cutting is good. Because the laser spot is small, the energy density is high, and the cutting speed is fast, laser cutting can obtain better cutting quality.

The cutting of the laser cutting robot is very thin and narrow. The cutting seam is parallel to both sides and perpendicular to the surface, and the dimensional accuracy of the cut parts can reach ±0.05mm. The cutting surface is clean and tidy, and the roughness is very low, only tens of microns. Laser cutting can be used as the last process without mechanical processing, and the parts can be used directly.

After laser cutting, the width of the heat-affected zone is very small, and the performance of the material near the slit is almost unaffected. In addition, the deformation of the workpiece is small, the cutting accuracy is high, the geometry of the slit is good, and the cross-sectional shape of the slit is a relatively regular rectangle. High cutting efficiency: Due to the transmission characteristics of the laser, the laser cutting robot is generally equipped with multiple numerical control worktables, and the entire cutting process can be fully numerically controlled.

2. Laser cutting robots are used in the home appliance industry

Laser cutting technology in the home appliance industry is mainly used in the appearance part and the installation of complete sets of electrical components to cut thin steel parts. In home appliances and electrical products, metal sheet-processed parts account for almost 30% of all product parts.

The backwardness of traditional cutting technology and other processes will directly affect product quality and production costs. Unlike the traditional large laser cutting machine, the laser cutting robot uses "non-contact processing", no need to open the mold, saving costs, the processing graphics are made by software, the patterns are diversified, and it is convenient and quick.

Such as the cutting of metal fittings and metal covers for air conditioners; the cutting and perforating of the bottom or back heat dissipation screen of the refrigerator; the cutting of the blade of the juicer, etc., are all through this laser cutting technology to effectively improve product quality, reduce production costs, and reduce Labor intensity brings better production efficiency to manufacturers.

Advanced laser technology has made many household appliances for daily use and has facilitated people's lives. In the future, more home appliances will enter the era of intelligence. Home appliance products will have richer functions, cooler appearance, and more refined design, and the laser technology of laser cutting robots will also shine and heat in this process, helping the home appliance industry to innovate and upgrade.

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