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How to Delay the Aging of Fiber Laser Cutter?

How to Delay the Aging of Fiber Laser Cutter?

No matter how expensive the machine is, no matter how good its quality is, all mechanical equipment will have an aging process, and the laser cutting machine is also unavoidable. This problem causes headaches for many people, how can we slow down the laser What about the aging speed of the cutting machine? What are the specific reasons and solutions for the aging of laser cutting machines?

Ⅰ. There are two reasons for the attenuation of the cutting efficiency of the fiber laser cutter:

1. Parameter setting related

The factory parameters of the fiber laser cutter are preset. Due to the variety of sheets to be processed, the manufacturer is open to the user to adjust the parameters. Although the factory-set parameters have a margin, they are parameters obtained through long-term application practice. When the end user uses the cutting equipment, if the long-term use exceeds the standard (such as overspeed, long-term cutting of highly reflective materials), the laser power will gradually decrease or even damage the laser.

In addition, the power of the laser itself will decrease slightly with the increase of the service life, so it is particularly important to use it according to the manufacturer's standard.

2. Maintenance

Every laser cutting equipment is equipped with an instruction manual, which many users do not pay enough attention to. The life of the mechanical and electrical components included in the equipment will be affected by the surrounding environment (dust and smoke) of the equipment, and it is also prone to aging and even failure.

In addition, it is also very important to reasonably maintain the environment around a laser cutter. For example, some users place the painting work area near the fiber laser cutter, which will corrode electrical components for a long time and also affect the fiber laser cutter. Cut quality. Regular maintenance of equipment (dust removal, refueling) every day, week and month will effectively reduce the impact of the environment on various components, so that they can run for a long time with fewer failures.

Ⅱ. The solution to the aging of fiber laser cutter

1. It is necessary to use the equipment according to the factory parameters of the manufacturer, so that the parameters are suitable for the material to be processed, which can effectively prolong the life of the cutting equipment.

2. Maintain the surrounding environment of the laser cutting machine to ensure the cutting quality.

3. Use compressed air and vacuum cleaners to absorb dust and dirt on the optical fiber laser cutter console, electrical cabinets and surfaces of various equipment every day. All electrical cabinet doors should be tightly closed to prevent dust.

4. Disassemble the dust cover of each shaft every quarter, check whether the gear rack and guide rail are worn or have foreign objects, and clean and refuel in time. This is an indispensable item, otherwise, the cutting accuracy will be slightly affected, and the rack guide will be damaged.

Doing the above matters can effectively ensure the long-term and stable operation of the fiber laser cutter, and continuously create value for users.

Although there is no guarantee that it will not have problems, nor that it will be used stably for a long time, as long as you choose a good quality machine, a guaranteed manufacturer, plus the maintenance and maintenance of the machine, it will reduce unnecessary expenses, so that the machine can run stably for a long time.

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