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How to Produce Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

How to Produce Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

1. Many years of production experience of Golden Laser cutting machine manufacturing 

Golden Laser has launched a number of fiber laser cutting machines in recent years, and has years of market experience in terms of product quality and machine stability. Golden Laser's products are mainly cost-effective (first-class manufacturing technology, first-class service quality and medium price), and have gradually become the first choice of metal laser cutting for small and medium-sized enterprises. As people may do not know too much about the manufacturing process of fiber laser cutting machines, we will introduce how to make fiber laser cutting machines in the following?

2. How to produce fiber laser cutting machines

Golden Laser metal fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in automobile, machinery, sheet metal and other industries. Finite element analysis is used in the structural design of the whole machine to strictly control the dynamic and static stiffness, static strength and thermal characteristics of the machine, so as to achieve the best stiffness field and temperature field of the whole machine. And then, combine with the structural design optimization, so as to achieve the most economical and lightest structure of the whole machine.

In the manufacturing of fiber laser pipe cutting machine, for high-speed, large inertia, large size parts, Golden Laser adopts full automatic loading and unloading system, seamless connection with the laser pipe cutting machine, to realize the whole beam tube hoisting. The control system divides and combines the pipe intelligently and realizes the automatic conveying process. Sending pipe components to inspection locations where automatic measurements are to be made saves on manual loading and unloading costs and improves productivity.

The selection of materials for machine tools is crucial, which determines the annealing temperature. With strict welding technology, reasonable layout of full welding and section welding, and more than ten years of experience in stable processing technology of Golden Laser machine tool manufacturing, we can ensure the precision and high quality appearance of the machine tool, which truly reflects the coexistence of technology and appearance of Golden Laser products.

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