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Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchenware Industry

Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchenware Industry

With the advancement of technology and the times, the number and variety of kitchenware available to consumers today are becoming more and more abundant. From large cabinets and range hoods to small pots and pans, none of them are what we need to use daily. So, how is the kitchenware made? Metal laser cutting machine is a very important kitchenware processing tool, it not only can reduce kitchenware processing time but also improve the quality of kitchenware.

1. Laser cutting machine for kitchenware processing

The laser cutting machine is mainly used in kitchenware bathroom products sheet metal panel cutting. In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of consumption, laser cutting machine in the kitchen industry has a great market development. The traditional die punching process can not meet the production needs of high-end products, laser cutting machine for the kitchenware bathroom industry to bring advanced production processes, to create high-end kitchenware bathroom products manufacturing provides efficient production equipment.

Traditional kitchenware processing equipment usually uses a CNC punching machine, and then with polishing, shearing and bending, and other multi-step process and the final shape, this processing efficiency is relatively low, the time to do the mold is long, the cost is large. The laser cutting robot is produced under the premise of this urgent need of manufacturers, the development of laser cutting is very rapid. Laser cutting machines can directly make all kinds of kitchenware without molds, which has long-term significance for the kitchenware processing industry.

Kitchenware bathroom products are essential household necessities, as people's living standards continue to improve, the demand for household kitchenware is also increasing, the kitchenware market still belongs to the sunrise industry, entering a qualitative change from rapid growth to gradual maturity stage, the market is great, the advantages of laser cutting machine is also becoming more and more obvious.

2. Processing advantages of laser cutting machine

The advantages of kitchenware products for laser production are great. Laser cutting robots, also known as 3d robot fiber laser cutting machines, specialize in cutting metal materials with laser equipment. In addition, there are many kinds of machines in the laser equipment industry: laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, and laser mixing and cutting machines. Using the characteristics of laser contactless processing, laser-cut products without extrusion deformation, rapid cutting, no dust, intelligent and environmental protection. Metal laser cutting machine processing precision, high demand for products, laser cutting is a very good choice, but also to save costs.

Metal laser cutting technology appears as the alternative to "shear-punching", which has the characteristics of flexibility and high flexibility. For special-shaped parts processing is particularly popular, just do a good job of cutting graphics, imported into the control system, you can set the size of the cutting, cutting time is fast, good quality.

The choice of metal laser cutting machine manufacturer is a very important part, the equipment produced by the good manufacturer can let us get better products. Golden laser cutting robot processing technology is fine, equipment grinding quality is good, work equipment is stable, low noise, the use of accessories is after years of market inspection of the brand, for customers to choose a cost-effective configuration.

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