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The Main Advantages of New Laser Cutting Technology in Automobile Manufacturing

The Main Advantages of New Laser Cutting Technology in Automobile Manufacturing

Ⅰ. The development background of new laser cutting technology

In order to meet the needs of export and domestic upgrading, the production of small-batch and multi-variety vehicles has been very normal in automobile manufacturing industry. The original general of auto body parts processing technology cannot completely meet the demand of today's product quality and production, among them, laser cutting machine China has the characteristics of machining high precision, porous type and complex shape parts, and has an irreplaceable role.

Ⅱ. The main advantages of the new laser cutting technology in automotive manufacturing

New laser cutting technology has been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry, and played an irreplaceable role. As a laser cutting machine manufacturer, let Golden Laser introduce its main advantages are as follows:

1. Suitable for a variety of material accessories

Automotive materials are low carbon and low alloy steel, high strength steel, atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and aluminum allo. Laser cutting equipment can process all of these materials, and its processing range can cover almost all material plate parts in the car.

2. High machining accuracy

The processing precision of laser cutting equipment is higher than other cutting equipment, and can meet the requirements of high precision accessories processing.

3. Narrow slit width

The small slit is beneficial to reduce the spacing of the accessories, improve the material utilization rate, and produce less cutting slag when cutting.

4. High material utilization rate

In the accessories cutting, you can set cutting with the thickness of the plate, the same material of different parts, make full use of the raw materials of the edges and corners.

5. Low cutting roughness value

Laser cutting equipment, in the cutting of the same material accessories, relative to other equipment, cutting roughness value is low. In the automobile manufacturing industry, different CNC cutting equipment machining workpiece surface roughness has obvious differences. Laser cutting surface roughness value is low.

6. Small heat affected zone

When using the new laser cutting technology, the edge of the cutting material will produce heat affected zone due to heat. But laser cutting has smaller energy concentration heat input than other processing methods. Compared with fine plasma cutting and flame cutting, heat affected zone is relatively small and heat input is small, which is very important for ferritic stainless steels which are easy to get big and high strength steels which are easy to harden. It is beneficial to improve the weld quality.

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