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Learn about automatic laser pipe cutting machine!

Learn about automatic laser pipe cutting machine!

As an advanced metal processing tool, laser cutting technology has been widely recognized by various industries for its ability to process all types of tubes with high efficiency and better processing results than traditional processes. The technology is widely used in the fitness equipment, engineering machinery, furniture manufacturing and other industries. Today we will talk about the seven advantages of laser pipe cutting machine models.

1. Laser pipe cutting machine support modular design, free combination.

On and off the material structure are standard modular design, you can choose different feeding methods, such as manual feeding, discharge type semi-automatic feeding, hook and push type automatic feeding; a variety of feeding methods, standard with the national patent 6 meters floating feeding (can also be optional other feeding methods), can achieve real-time support for the cutting workpiece, to avoid the workpiece tail flinging, improve processing accuracy. Users can freely combine according to their own needs.

2、The cutting efficiency advantage of laser pipe cutting machine is remarkable.

Golden Laser high-end CNC intelligent laser pipe cutting machine, positioning speed from 100m/min to 160m/min. X, Y, Z linear axis and A, B rotary axis are used high torque servo motor, high precision, high speed, high torque, high inertia, stable and durable performance, to ensure the high speed and acceleration of the whole machine; has a fully automatic loading and unloading system, loading zero errors, Good stability, high overall processing efficiency.

3. Tube laser cutter machine can instantly feed the tube and seamlessly dock.

In the pipe cutting at the same time, the next pipe in the loading structure synchronous automatic preparation, the last pipe material processing is completed, will immediately feed the next pipe, the equipment instantly complete the loading action, the pipe quickly into the cutting state, the maximum load for a single pipe up to 225kg.

4, laser pipe cutting machine can be equipped with MES laser equipment information management system, real-time monitoring of equipment, intelligent reminders to users for equipment maintenance, through the data analysis function and alarm abnormal information, so that data becomes productivity.

5, the expansion of the laser pipe cutting machine is strong, all kinds of tubes easily cope with. Can cut metal round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, oval pipe, D-shaped pipe and shaped pipe, as well as channel steel, angle steel and many other profiles.

6、The chuck feeding shaft of the laser pipe cutting machine is supported by angular contact bearings, with long life and high precision, and can be quickly adjusted and repaired after wear and tear.

7、The laser pipe cutting machine is equipped with Rapid Cut high-speed flying pipe cutting and the latest frog jump function to achieve high-quality processing.

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