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Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine for Processing Square Stainless Steel Pipe

Small Tube Laser Cutting Machine for Processing Square Stainless Steel Pipe

What Is Square Tube Used For?

Metal square tubes are resistant to high temperature, high strength, high precision and corrosion resistance, and are widely used in aerospace, engineering machinery, construction machinery, power towers, bridges, steel structures, agricultural machinery, automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding, photovoltaic brackets , metal railings and other fields.

How Do You Cut Square Tubing With A Laser Pipe Cutting Machine?

Golden Laser square pipe laser cutting machines can solve the laser cutting problems of square pipe, round pipe, oval pipe, H-beam, L-beam, bevel cutting, conventional or irregular pipe. If you need to cut square tubes in batches, you can choose a fully automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine, equipped with an automatic feeder and receiving device. It can save the time of manual feeding and receiving. If you need to arrange the finished products neatly, you can also customize the robot to help you palletize.

Difference Between Plasma And Laser Cutting

Working principle

The laser cutting machine is a laser beam irradiating the surface of the workpiece to make the workpiece reach the melting point or boiling point. As the relative position of the beam and the workpiece moves, the raw material will form a slit to achieve the purpose of cutting. A plasma cutter is a gas that is heated to very high temperatures and is highly ionized. It transmits the arc power to the workpiece. The high temperature melts the workpiece and blows it off, forming a working state of plasma arc cutting.


Laser cutting accuracy is higher than plasma cutting. Laser cutting machine can reach within 0.01mm,while plasma cutting machine can only reach within 1mm.

Applicable materials

Laser cutting machine (fiber laser or co2 laser): metals, non-metals, fabric, ceramics, glass, etc.

Plasma cutting machine: metal, especially for thick sheet metal.


The price of the whole laser cutting machine is higher than that of the plasma cutting machine, but the price of the consumables of the plasma is higher than that of the laser cutting machine.

Here Golden Laser also has already wrote two articles talking about difference between plasma and laser cutting already, you can find more detailed information. Due to the high precision and better cutting effects, some industries with higher requirement to metalworking pieces will choose CNC laser tube cutter to make their processing.

difference between plasma and laser cutting machine

laser cutting machine comparison

Brief Introduction of Square Tube Cutting Machine

Square tube laser tube cutting machine can match fiber lasers with power between 1500W and 6kW. Pipe diameters between 20mm and 350mm can be easily cut, and you can also choose customized models for the size of the chuck. High-end square tube cutting machine can interconnect your factory MESS cloud data management system. One-click management operation, more intelligent and automated. If you want to find a high quality chinese laser cutter. Golden Laser is absolutely your best choice. Our reputation in fiber laser cutting machine has been spread worldwide.

square pipe cutting machine samples

square pipe cutting machine samples

Square Tube Cutting Machine Applications

  • Applicable field of square tube cutting machine

The square tube cutting machine is ideal for metal tubes processing applications, such as metal furniture, trolleys, metal fences, stair handrails, fire pipes, fitness equipment, auto parts, pipe fittings, steel elbows, and other industries in cutting square pipes, round pipes, oval pipes, and irregular pipes.

  • Square pipe cutting machine applicable materials

Square pipe cutting machine is usually used for cutting stainless steel pipe, aluminium pipe, carbon steel pipe, copper, brass, mild steel, galvanized pipe.

Quick Details of Square Tube Cutting Machine

  • Working size 350mm D X 8,000mm L (32in D X 26ft L)

  • New touch experience: Intelligent human-computer interaction

  • Seamlessly docked with the intelligent manufacturing

  • High speed full troke chuck: 160R/MIN

  • Spanish nesting software Born specifically for tube: Lantek flex3d

  • Full servo dynamic support perfect fit all kinds of pipes

  • Double row of jaws guarantee of accuracy

  • Weld recognition/ Inner wall slag removal device (Optional)

Support for Square Tube Cutting Machine

  • Free technical consultation

  • Provide comfortable inspection reception

  • Fiber laser cutting machine installation and operation training

  • 24-hour global after-sales service hotline: 400-9699-920

  • Two year free warranty for the whole equipment and lifetime maintenance

  • Free technical training

  • Free software upgrade

International Shipping for Square Tube Cutting Machine


  • Whole film packaging machine;

  • Anti-collision package edge;

  • Fumigation-free plywood wooden box


We cooperate with well-known Chinese shipping companies to ensure the safety of your goods.

square pipe cutting machine packaging and shipping

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