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Fiber Laser Cut Quality Troubleshooting

Fiber Laser Cut Quality Troubleshooting

Laser cutting machine application fields are very extensive. As a direction of laser applications, the CNC laser pipe cutter is a combination of traditional processing technology and new laser cutting technology. In the daily laser cutting machine operation process, there will be many problems, including errors in the laser cutting process, poor laser cutting effects, etc., so how do these errors occur? and how to do fiber laser cut quality troubleshooting? Let's take a look below!

Uneven Surfaces

The geometric errors of the workpieces cut by the CNC laser pipe cutter machine are affected by various reasons. Due to the surface fluctuation of the processing object, it generates heat during the cutting process, which makes the surface of the thin plate part easy to deform. Due to this uneven surface, the laser focus changes during the processing. Therefore, the cutting position and the surface of the object vary randomly.

Thicker Materials

The cutting thickness of the metal laser cutter material exceeds the standard. The thinner the sheet, the easier it is to cut and get the better the quality. If the sheet is too thick, it will be more difficult for the CNC tube laser machine to cut. To guarantee the material is cut totally, there will be errors in the machining accuracy, so it is necessary to check the thickness of the sheet.

Programming Bugs

The processing trajectory on the complex surface is fitted by straight lines, arcs, etc. There are errors between the fitted curve and the actual curve. These lead to errors in the actual focus, the relative position of the processing object surface, and the ideal programming positions. Sometimes, some programming tutorials may also bring some deviations.

Focus Position Errors

During the cutting process of the CNC fiber laser tube cutting machine, it's easy to have focus position errors. There are many factors that change the relative position between the focus and the surface of the processed object. Sometimes it relates to the smoothness of the processed product surface. degree related. Also, the way the workpiece is clamped, the geometrical errors of the machine, and the long-term load of the machine can cause deform as well.

Random Errors

Thermal deformation of the workpiece during the processing will also cause a deviation between the laser focus position and the ideal given position (programmed position). It is hard to totally avoid these random errors. Only through online detection and control can the errors be reduced, thereby improving the working accuracy of the CNC tube laser machines.

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