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Laser Cutting Machines Make Sports Equipment Faster, Taller and Stronger!

Laser Cutting Machines Make Sports Equipment Faster, Taller and Stronger!

With the continuous development of the sports equipment manufacturing industry, the precision requirements of its parts processing are also getting higher and higher. Factors such as the accuracy and slope of the part cutting will affect the quality of the instrument. How to switch the production line between mass production and small batch production under the condition of consistent quality, delivery time and cost?

1. Laser cutting machine is used for metal cutting of sports equipment

In the face of a large number of high-demand metal pipe and sheet cutting needs, many sports equipment manufacturers are unable to do so. The fiber laser cutting machine has been put into use in the sports equipment manufacturing industry, breaking the production limitations of traditional metal processing. Upgrading the manufacturing process, the production efficiency has been greatly improved. It helps processing manufacturers to easily respond to order demands and enhances their competitiveness in the market.

Many connections of sports equipment and equipment are connected by intersecting lines or grooves, and it is necessary to perform groove cutting and drilling on plates and pipes. The traditional processing method is to use a band saw, a drilling machine, and a special milling machine, which not only has low efficiency and poor precision, but also takes up a lot of labor costs and time costs for material transfer.

2. Advantages of laser cutting machine

The fiber laser cutting machine is not limited by the traditional processing mode, and the metal cutting is in one step. Reduce production costs, high intelligence, support the cutting of plates of different thicknesses, various pipes and profiles. Arbitrary complex curve graphics can be processed, the incision is flat and smooth, no secondary processing is required, and it can be directly assembled, connected or welded. It greatly shortens the production cycle, improves quality, increases efficiency and reduces costs, which brings great convenience to the processing of enterprises.

Whether it is stadium construction, sports equipment manufacturing, event security or metal blanking for national fitness equipment, fiber laser cutting machines can meet many cutting process needs.

Fiber laser cutting machines can replace multiple processing procedures such as mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching and burr cleaning. Easily realize cutting, bevel cutting, chamfering, grooving, perforation and other required cutting processes, shape features and other processing of complex plate and tube structures.

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