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What Laser Cutter Should I Buy?

What Laser Cutter Should I Buy?

Ⅰ. Laser cutter is more and more important

With the progress of laser technology, more and more metal processing enterprises choose laser cutters for processing and production. Therefore, "what laser cutter should I buy" has become a problem for many people, in fact, the purchase of equipment should mainly be considered from the following aspects:

Ⅱ. The main points to purchase a laser cutter


1. Processing demand of the enterprise itself

First of all, we should choose the appropriate equipment according to the enterprise's own processing materials and business needs. Combined with the metal material, thickness, format you want to process, referring to the major brands of laser cutter performance and basic parameters, to choose the most suitable laser cutters. Only the most suitable machines can provide enterprises with a full range of the most cost-effective laser cutting scheme.  Different brands of laser cutters on the market have different advantages and focuses, we should select according to our own needs. In general, the thicker the cutting material is, more power the laser cutter is needed, and higher the price is.

2. Choose big brands or small brands

Many enterprises hesitate between big brands and small brands when purchasing equipment. In fact, big and small brands all have their own advantages: high-end brand equipment is more guaranteed in quality, and the laser cutter manufacturer will provide good after-sales service. Take Golden Laser, one of the influential laser cutter brands in laser industry as an example, China laser cutter has reached the top level in cutting accuracy, cutting speed and stability, and the after-sale service is perfect. While some unknown small brands, compared with the big brands, the cutting quality and speed will be poor, and the after-sales service is also not as good as the big brands.

3. Pay attention to the quality of the core parts of the laser cutter

We need to pay close attention to the core parts of the laser cutter when purchasing. The core components of laser cutters include: laser generator, pick up head, servo motor and so on. An easily overlooked but very important component is the bed of the machine. Some laser cutter manufacturers will use the welding bed in order to save costs, which will affect the bearing capacity, stability and cutting accuracy of the machine, we should try to choose a one-time cast iron bed when selecting.

4. Pay attention to the ease use of the machine

The operation of some laser cutters in the market is very complex, which requires enterprises to spent a long time cost to train specialized personnel to operate. In order to reduce learning time and labor costs, be sure to choose a machine that is easy to use. In general, big brand laser cutter manufacturers will provide free targeted operation training, be sure to ask clearly when buying.

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